WOD 04-07-2010

For time:
Row 500 meters
150 Double-unders
50 Burpees

Subs (150 Double Unders= 150 Tuck Jumps)

Post time to comments

I decided to give the shoulders a break today.  We will make up the OHS in the near future. 


  1. Start as the rower comes available. This will keep everyone moving the wait time will be very short.

  2. Thanks Alima?

  3. let “the panting” begin….

  4. The Brain says:

    I call dibs onโ€ฆoh yeah, nevermind.

  5. Blerg. I’m officially calling today my day off, after the 40 minutes of hell yesterday. Enjoy, kids!

  6. if anyone wants more shoulder work, i have some ceilings that need to be finished ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i’ll be there in the AM. have a good workout everyone!

  7. does this mean we have new jump ropes waiting on us????

  8. Cori – that was Kyle. He forgot to change the name before his posted ๐Ÿ™‚