WOD 04-08-2010

Overhead Squat 5-5-5-5-5

20 minute time limit

1 attempt per set

New people will practice OHS with PVC then complete this WOD with front squats instead of OHS. 


  1. oooohhhh… nasty.

  2. Thank goodness for a rest day!!!

  3. holla!

  4. it wasn’t that bad!

  5. wait…what am i “holla”ing for? i was there this morning. it isn’t an off day!
    and i’m with jackie, it wasn’t that bad.
    the suck factor of this wod (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst) is:
    The reason for the low suck factor is a) it goes pretty fast b) not a lot of sweating involved c) not a lot of panting involved d) not too terrible of a mental thing and e)there were no pullups, double unders, cleans, kb swings, box jumps or the like.

  6. drum roll…. alright the WoW is BFO. it is pronounced “B” “F” “O”. okay, really it’s just another acronym for the week. BFO stands for Blinding Flash of the Obvious. OBVIOUSLY, this is when you suddenly realize how absurdly simple the answer to a problem or situation is. It’s a “Duh!” moment.
    Example: I heard Cori beat Kyle in last night’s wod. This is a BFO, since Kyle was too busy putting on and taking off his long sleeve shirt to do double unders!

  7. bahahhahaahahhaah! so BFO! he wasted AT LEAST a minute putting on and taking off that shirt! 😉

  8. (jackie, kyle’s gonna REALLY be a meanie to you for that one!)

  9. love it!!! I have BFO’s all the freakin time!
    Kyle….why do you change shirts mid wod?

  10. i didn’t call names…just made up a sentence. for all i know, it could be total rubbish. 🙂

  11. Nice WoW!

  12. thanks! i will be giving credit to alison for recommending this week’s WoW. feel free to drop me an email if you come up with others (the element of surprise for everyone is the best part!)…also, i’ve written down those suggested in previous posts so don’t be surprised if you see them as future WoWs!

  13. Seriously. Do you guys not have day jobs? Is this how you spend your days. Really? Just kidding. I almost spit out my nose when i read the example.You guys crack me up.

  14. yes, chuck, this is how i spend my day… ya jealous? 😉 haha!

  15. I don’t currently have a job. I just do pushups all day and research stuff online : )

  16. ooo… what ya researchin?