WOD 04-16-2010

4 rounds for time:

Run 400M

Rest 2 minutes

These are max effort runs.

Then Back Squat


1 attempt per set. 

Post time for each 400, as well as load for squats


  1. is anyone else ridiculously sore from filthy 50? I can barely move my legs. anyone?

  2. I am in tremendous physical pain. But this *does* seem like a fun-ish WOD…….

  3. Can. Not. Walk.

  4. The Brain says:

    It will be good to be back today! Did anyone see the “paleo night out” at crossfit innovate?

  5. Kyle Deneke says:

    My posterior chain is sore today.

  6. I can’t imagine either (a) running or (b) doing back squats today! More power to y’all who did Filthy 50, McGhee and will do this one tonight!

  7. Sri, your idea of fun-ish is way off from mine. I haven’t hurt this bad in a long time. This one’s gonna hurt too!

  8. Had to go look up the “paleo night out” Brain referenced – looks very cool! http://crossfitinnovate.com/?p=1560

  9. my legs are wiped and i didn’t do filthy 50… i blame it on mcghee! my push-up muscles are sore as well… makes packing a lot more interesting. i should be there tonight – as long as the movers are on time and don’t dilly-dally. alright, break’s over!

  10. Paleo night out sounds fun. I may be up for it.

  11. so is it 4 rounds of 10-10-10-10 or one set of 10 after each run?

  12. 4 x 10 reps. 1 attempt at each. if you drop, 1 attempt gone.

  13. for real? posterior chain?

  14. and for real again? back squats? after all those heavy deadlifts? that’s just plain wrong, man. plain wrong.

  15. Kyle Deneke says:

    If it is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  16. My posterior chain is telling me to be a spectator tonight. I shall bring wine.

  17. oh yeah? well my ARSE is sore today.

  18. didn’t make it tonight, boo! hate i missed it – movers were scheduled to arrive at 2p and showed up at 415p… hoping to make it out tomorrow!