WOD 05-05-2011

For Time:
4 Rds
20 KB Swings 53/35#
15 KB Front Squats 53/35#
5 HSPU Subs are 3/1

Also, complete 100 sit ups.

Don’t forget to complete your Paleo challenge baseline test, photos and goals sheet. Challenge starts Monday.


  1. jackie says:

    Ugh. What a wake-up call!

  2. Collin says:

    I hate………………….hate KB swings

  3. Damn! I hate to miss this one. It looks like fun!

  4. Where do you hold the KB for the front squats?

  5. There are several ways you can hold it. You will hold it in front of your chest, but there are several ways you can do your arms and grip. Hard to explain on here though. Kyle will demonstrate tonight. Or are you trying to do this one at home?
    Anyone else’s shoulders wrecked after the last 3 wods? Mine are sore to the touch!

  6. That’s why I was asking about the grip – definite shoulder killer!

  7. i’ve only done two this week (yesterday and today) and my shoulders were burning on this one this morning!
    collin, i tried to make a deal with you and you didn’t take it – i would’ve done your kb swings if you did my pushups… remember that next time! 🙂

  8. Nichele says:


  9. Collin says:

    I should have taken your deal Jackie. Swinging the tennis racket around tonight is looking more and more problematic by the minute.