WOD 05-07-2014

Many of you struggled with your hands during Angie and many of you have asked me what you can do differently in the future so I thought it would be a good time to post some tips. Here are my suggestions:
1 – Maintain your hands – every CrossFitter should do this, but it’s even more important if you kip. Some popular tools are pumice stones, ped eggs and my (Alima) personal favorite is the Ript Skin System. You can buy it here. Well worth the money and it lasts forever.
2 – Work on your kip. A big, out of control swing causes a lot of friction for your hands. A smaller, more compact swing causes less friction. If you need a good example of a perfect, compact kip watch Rebbeca do pull ups. Work on perfecting your kip and you will see an improvement in your hands. Open gym is a great time to have a trainer help you with this. Having someone video your kip can also help you to see where you need to improve.
3 – Don’t be a chalk whore. Chalk causes more friction between your hands and the bar. You should only use chalk if your hands are slipping because of moisture and only use enough just to dry up the moisture.

Back Squat 8-8-8-8

3 Rounds
Run 400M
50 Double Unders
13 minute cut off




  1. I can also vouch for the ript skin system! I haven’t had a tear since I started using it. Something else I’ve found useful in high volume pull up wods is a little tape device. Here’s the link on how to make one! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7CJ9hh1wQ30 I generally skip the last step of taping them down to my wrist, but I do make them long enough to tuck into my wrist wraps. They’ve been a huuuuge help for my hands. Also, it’s important to have calluses. Don’t pick them off because they make your hands rough. The trick is to have smooth, pliable calluses- meaning use a lotion or hand cream throughout the day, ESPECIALLY those of you in healthcare who “gel in and gel out” 20 million times a day. Use the pumice stone or the Ript system that Alima mentioned to smooth off any edges of the callus and to keep the callus from getting too thick (thick callus->bar grabs ahold of it->bar rips it off).

    Okay I think that’s all.

  2. Great tips!

  3. Scott D. says:

    Angie Ript my calluses off (x2)! I need to be more vigilant in hand maintenance…

    Thanks for the nudge.

  4. Thanks for the plug guys. Glad you like RIPT for your CrossFit hand care needs.

    Here is a discount code for 10% that you can share with your CF Rebellion friends: CFREBELLION0514

    Two more hand care tips for you:

    1) Use your pumice stone in the shower when you skin is hydrated and soft. This will give you much more control over how much skin you take off Don’t grind too deep, you just want to wet-sand off the top 1-2 dead layers).

    2) Before you go to bed after a big “Angie” rip, grab a paint stir stick, or similar object, and tape it to the back of your hand around your wrist and fingers. Lube the wounds up with our QUICK FIX balm and get some recovery sleep. This will keep your hand open during the night and allow a the new (fragile) layer of skin to form that won’t rip wide open again in the morning as soon as you use your hands.

  5. 135-175-205-235