WOD 05-09-2011

Paleo Challenge Day 1

Remember that we have extended the deadline for the Baseline and Goals sheet through Wednesday.  You can complete your baseline at CFR when you come in.  It should not take you long.  Pictures are due today.  If you want a shot at the PRIZE Package you must complete all of the aforementioned requirements. 

For time:

10 Rounds

10 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

10 Sit ups

10 Squats

Also:  Deadlift 8-8-8-8 @70% of 1RM

Congratulations to Shane and Crystal the newest married couple at CFR.


  1. jackie says:

    congrats, shane & crystal!
    just a helpful tip for those doing the nutrition challenge – i started a new notebook today with the top portion of each page dedicated to food journaling for that day and the wod at the bottom. i marked one day/page and went ahead and wrote in all challenge days. i know it’s a bit time consuming, but it is helpful to see your progress and be able to see what you did right or wrong and helps you keep on track… because, seriously, if you have to see it in ink, you’re going to think twice about cheating! plus, i love buying new notebooks 🙂 good luck to everyone participating!
    p.s. tonight’s wod looks BRUTAL.

  2. Nicole #1 says:

    Congrats to Shane and Crystal! Looking forward to coming back tonight! Should be a good WOD to return to from my 2 week absence. :o)

  3. Brittany B says:

    First attempt at paleo this morning at breakfast, and there’s dextrose in my salt. Sugar in salt?!

  4. brittany, you are going to notice there are TONS of things with hidden sugar in them – it’s crazy! i believe the salt kyle and alima recommend is celtic sea salt – and just a tiny pinch will do ya!

  5. Brittany B says:

    Thanks, I’ll have to make a trip to wf today. I’m afraid of everything in my pantry now! It is just pathetic that something as simple as salt is not JUST salt.

  6. I am noticing that EVERYTHING has sugar also. I cleaned out my cabinets last night and I was amazed. There was sugar in some of my canned veggies. I have a question is Truvia frowned upon for coffee while on the Paleo Challenge. Kyle motioned drinking black coffee and I am trying… but it needs a little something.

  7. Daron, try cinnamon in your coffee. It makes a WORLD of difference.

  8. I dont like Truvia – its very processed. If you are going to use any sweetner we reccomend the liquid Stevia. It is the least processed.
    Brittany – it’s funny you mentioned that about sugar in the salt. When I was reading the Goose Pond Farm website he mentioned that same thing. That was the beginning of the huge change he made in his diet and why he started farming to begin with.

  9. susanna says:

    Congrats Shane & Crystal!

  10. Austin Williams says:

    Congratulations Shane & Crystal! If anyone needs a little humorous motivation for your paleo challenge, see this (non)paleo recipe:

  11. Can’t you also put coconut milk in your black coffee??? I am not doing the challenge but thinking about giving up my daily Starbucks trip and trying the black coffee at home with coconut milk……. that is paleo, correct??

  12. jackie says:

    AUSTIN!!!! and that was so gross… so gross.

  13. You can do coconut milk. My mom makes coconut milk lattes because she cant have dairy.
    Definitely better than Starbucks!

  14. Just looked on the Truvia website to double check the ingredients. The last ingredient is “natural flavors.” I wanted to advise anyone trying to eat paleo to avoid any food that lists “natural flavors” as an ingredient. That word can mean many things, but it is usually something man-made in a laboratory and not natural at all.
    Again, this is why it’s so important to try to avoid as many packaged foods as possible and if you are buying packaged food to read labels. If you aren’t sure what an ingredient is than you should avoid it all together.

  15. Alison says:

    One thing that has stuck with me since the last paleo challenge is liquid stevia and unsweetened almond milk in my coffee. It’s my daily staple.