WOD 05-09-2013

Surprise WOD

See you at the gym.


  1. Brian C says:

    Let me be the first to say it, every time it’s a surprise the wod sucks. But I’m still coming!

  2. That’s just mean.

  3. Nap for time. 3-2-1-go!

  4. Hmmm?!? My guess is Murph

  5. Rebecca says:

    I second that guess, Kevin. I knew he was just around he corner!

  6. Vincent says:

    Most surprises involve cookie cake! Fingers crossed…

    • That’s what I told Kyle this morning! Surprises require cake, presents, balloons, beer….

  7. Someone gave up the surprise on Facebook………. Sorry Vincent, I don’t believe cookie cake is involved 🙁

  8. CrossFit says:

    This is a “different” type of surprise.
    You will be glad cookie cake and cupcakes are not part of this event.

  9. That is what I was thinking ^^

  10. Just make sure you carb up with a large bowl of spaghetti and meat sauce an hour before this workout.

  11. CrossFit says:

    I’m disappointed the CFR shirts were not lululemon. I refuse to wear anything else.

  12. My favorite part about Murph is the fact you act like a T-Rex for 2 days after: long slow steps and shortened arms that can’t reach

    • It took effort to lift my hands high enough to wash my hair afterwards. It’ll be even better tomorrow.

  13. OK, so what I am hearing is:
    A.) make sure I bring my long pink socks and a lululemon shirt
    B.) cover myself from head to toe in chalk
    C.) then choose either murph or nap
    Nap it is…

  14. Jason F. says:

    If I start at 12:00, I should be finished before the 4:30 class begins, right?

  15. Clearly some of you don’t understand the meaning of surprise.

    • Those of us that were at Monday’s 6:30 AM class have already had their surprise/mystery WOD for the week. Personally, I can’t handle two in a week. Remember I’m lame.

  16. crossfit says:

    AB WORK!!! Finally!!! I’m putting on my Jane Fonda leotard for this.

  17. Are you sure about that?! Jane Fonda did NOT wear lululemon.

  18. Daniel says:

    Is death an acceptable scale?

  19. I think naps are an acceptable scale for ANYTHING!!!

    And just some FYI, Fonda didnt have a motor in the back of her Honda.

  20. Second best thread of the year…

  21. We all know what the first one was 🙂

  22. Jason F. says:

    My biggest mistake was somehow giving Kyle the impression that I wanted to finish. Then I just couldn’t let him down.

  23. Remind me again what the 1st best thread was? Did it have to do with some bitchin and moaning?