WOD 05-10-2011

4 Rounds For Time:
10 Hang Power Cleans 155/105#
30 Double Unders

Skill: 30 Ring Dips/60 Weighted Dips

Day 2 of the Paleo Challenge. See me this evening about your accountability partner. Wednesday is the deadline for challenge materials to be submitted.


  1. jackie booSLACKER says:

    yep. missed this morning. i’m an AM slacker. i’m coming to 5:15p b/c this wod looks right up my alley!!! probably need to tape up yesterdays wounds for this, though.

  2. Person Who Will Apparently Never Get DoubleUnders says:

    Sub for double unders?

  3. The other person who will never get double unders linked together says:

    Dont feel bad. I still cant and apparently never will get double unders either

  4. Nicole #1 says:

    The sub for Double Unders is usually tuck jumps. What could I sub that wouldn’t involved jumping in case my ankle isn’t ready for that?

  5. Su Jin (needs to practice her double unders!) says:

    Sometimes a sub for double unders are singles, but double or triple the numbers of double unders…Not sure for this one, but I’m sure Kyle or Alima can tell ya. I hope there’s another sub rather than the tuck jumps – last time I did them, my hips and knees weren’t normal for a couple of weeks! And I feel everyone on the double unders thing…can’t seem to string too many together either – I usually end up whipping my legs to death. I also noticed that if my forearms are tired, I REALLY can’t do them at all. And HPC involves lots of forearm action… 🙁

  6. jackie boohaker says:

    everyone should make it a goal to do at least the first two rounds with the double unders… force yourself to learn them – they’re one of the fun skills 🙂