WOD 05-11-2011

2 Rounds for Time
Run 800 M
50 Thrusters 45/35#
20 Pull Ups

Skill: 20 GHD Sit Ups
20 Back Extensions


  1. oh, this one looks so fun! if my hands weren’t so torn up from the last two days, i’d totally be up for it. guess that means i need to make the a.m. class tomorrow 🙂

  2. Looks like a real tooth chipper. :o)

  3. TOTALLY! if anyone needs a good dentist, let me know… 🙂

  4. My traps and shoulders do NOT like hang power cleans. I could barely hold my arm to dry my hair this morning.

  5. Nicole #1 says:

    Alima, I feel your pain….literally. I figured it’s just the 2 weeks off were catching up to me though. Glad to know it was just that the workout was that good! :o) Hoping today’s workout loosens things up!

  6. p.s. meant to credit that the article was sent to me from chris.

  7. susanna says:

    Great article!!!!!

  8. I had to take Monday and Tuesday off because my shoulders were so f’ed up from last week. I played tennis this past Saturday and had to have my partner serve for me because taking the racket over my shoulder was brutal.

  9. thats comedy. Last week i had to serve underhand at volleyball. it sucked.

  10. Good link, Jackie. Pics of girls with muscles = happy Sri. *Dating* a girl with muscles would = happiest Sri, but for right now I’ll settle…

  11. This guy sucked all of the life out of my legs.