WOD 05-12-2011


For Time:

75 Power Snatches 75/55#

Also: Squat Front or Back 8-8-8-8 @ 70% 1RM

House Keeping Items:

1.  Water in the Front Cooler:  We have been stocking the front cooler with bottled water.  We are not selling this water, we are however asking that you leave a donation for the water that you take.  We have placed a donation cup inside the cooler.  If you take a water please leave a donation.  If you don't plan on leaving a donation don't take a water.  We will continue to stock the cooler with water as long as people donate to the "water fund".  When the system breaks down and donations are not being left we will no longer stock the cooler with water. 

2. Recycling:  We have placed a makeshift recycling container (brown paper bag) beside the trash can.  Please use this for all plastic water bottles that you use.  The bottle caps are non-recyclable and we ask that you toss the cap in the trash and the bottle in the recycling container.  Thanks for your help with this.

3.  We would like to host a paleo cookout at CFR in the coming weeks.  Start thinking of your favorite paleo recipe.  You don't have to be taking part in the paleo challenge to be a part of this event.  Bring some food and something to drink.  This will be a great time to mix and mingle with some of your fellow CFR people. 


  1. Chuck " The Undisputed Crossfit Rebellion Snatch Master" Vann says:

    Damn you Kyle! You know I play volleyball on Thursday AND you know i am the ” Snatch Master”. Its the one work out that i can tell all those little fast people where to stick it. You know who you are. Anyway, do your best ladies and gentlemen, but know, come saturday, i will CRUSH your time!

  2. Chuck " The Undisputed Crossfit Rebellion Snatch Master" Vann says:

    P.S. Please add the change that was left over from my last shirt purchase into the water fund. $7 i believe

  3. Chuck " The Undisputed Crossfit Rebellion Snatch Master" Vann says:

    P.P.S. If someone tonight could do me a favor. About half way through Jason’s work out, sneak up behind him and cut him. Thanks.

  4. dang chuck! you are harsh! look out jason!
    I didn’t know we owed you change chuck! we will add it to the water fund! thanks! 🙂

  5. chuck, if memory serves me correctly, alison is the snatch master.
    i wimped out on snatching today… i’m a scaredy snatch 😉

  6. We thought you were running from the snatch this morning.

  7. oh, so ya’ll are talking behind my back about my snatch now? i see how it is…

  8. Chuck " The Undisputed Crossfit Rebellion Snatch Master" Vann says:

    No Jackie, I am the UNDISPUTED Snatch Master. As long as someone can do me that favor i asked for earlier. Jason actually beat me by 30 seconeds on a clean and jerk earlier this week. I will have my work cut out for me to keep my crown.

  9. If you slack and don’t show, we get to talk about you and your snatch. thats how it works 🙂

  10. i know i deserve it, but my snatch deserves better!
    chuck, i hope someone crushes your randy!

  11. Nicole #1 says:

    Now, go back and read this whole conversation as if you were somebody who has no clue about lifting or crossfit. It becomes really comical!

  12. Sore Chris says:

    Yeah. I’m not sure this page isn’t going to be flagged by my web censor at work.