WOD 05-13-2013

AMRAP 20 Minutes
Run 200M
12 thrusters 115/80#

Skill: 30 GHD Sit Ups

Thanks to everyone who came to the picnic on Saturday. It was a great event. Every time we have a gym party or gathering I am reminded how fortunate we are to train and know such a great group of people. CFR is one of the few places I know of where total strangers from so many different walks of life and backgrounds can come together around a common goal and end up becoming close friends. Over the years CFR has always been as much about relationships as it has been about fitness. After the picnic it was clear that close personal relationships will continue to be the foundation of CFR. Thanks for keeping CFR awesome.

Congratulations to everyone who competed in #4#. I haven’t seen all the scores. But I am sure you represented CFR well.


  1. You guys knocked it out of the park on Saturday – all 6 of us had a blast. I’m really glad I got to finally introduce Court and my kids to the CFR crew. The food was amazing, but you’re right – CFR is more than just a box where we sweat and grow – the relationships are priceless. Good times…

  2. Thanks Jay. It was great meeting so many family members and significant others.

  3. I wish I could have been there but Jay’s right that CFR is unique in the relationships we build with each other! CFR is like a second home to me.

  4. crossfit says:

    Group hug!

  5. Jonathan Hunt says:

    The picnic was AWESOME! Thanks so much Kyle and Alima for all you do for us inside and outside of the gym!