WOD 05-16-2011

Day 8: Paleo Challenge

For Time:

3 Rounds

Run 800M

12 Reps 135/95# Clean and Jerk

Skill: 30 Pistol each leg

Don't forget- 5:15 class cancelled today.  If the 6:15 class fills up online you are welcome to attend.  We will not have a limit to the number of people we take in the class.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. 


  1. Anyone have an idea how I can add protein to a Paleo smoothie (without putting red meat or bacon into the smoothie… yuck)? I don’t think Whey is considered Paleo…

  2. i’ve never done it, but i’ve seen people add raw eggs… i don’t know if i’d go that route, but maybe a cooked one 🙂 if you’re processing it, why not add some bland chicken or turkey? you shouldn’t taste it. also, while not protein, flax seed is a good addition to a smoothie.

  3. p.s. looks like a good wod!

  4. There really isn’t a good way that will taste good Shera. Whey is definitely not paleo. I don’t reccomend the raw egg (although if you feel comfortable with it that’s up to you). Even then, 1 egg only has 8 grams of protein so unless you add several eggs you still aren’t getting very much protein for a meal.
    Coming from someone who has made meat purees (for Aubrey when he first started eating solids), you probably could mask the flavor of chicken or turkey but I think the texture would be disgusting in a smoothie.
    So my reccomendation is to just eat meat with your smoothie instead of in it. Have a piece of turkey or chicken sausage. Or a piece of paleo quiche with your smoothie.

  5. Jackie, I added flaxseed already and I think I might try some unsweetened chocolate to make it even tastier;)
    Alima, that was what I was thinking. However, the goal of the smoothie was to avoid eating anything heavy in the am, esp after a long run. Oh well…. Thanks for the suggestions, though! I really do appreciate it.

  6. In case any of you all are interested in some more of the science behind Paleo, here’s a link to a post on my brother’s nutrition blog: http://fireofthegodsfitness.blogspot.com/. You will have people tell you that you need whole grains and things like that to be healthy, but it isn’t so. While you’re going through the process, it’s good to keep arming yourself with more information, because the world out there is programmed to believe the simplistic “calories in, calories out” concept, and you can lose faith watching things like Biggest Loser (with their ridiculous “Trainer Tips” to eat cereal and stuff) and reading the nutrition articles on CNN.com.

  7. Alima, I tried eggs yesterday for the first time in my life ever :)I think that I can eat them just need to get used to the texture. Eating them is definitely going to open up a lot of options for me for paleo breakfast, YAY!

  8. Good job Casey! That is awesome! Yes, eggs will open up tons of options. And you can really vary the texture depending on how you cook them. So if you don’t like them scrambled, try them fried or in a quiche or a fritatta.
    P.S. I have never been a big scrambled egg person, but I liked them better once I learned this trick. Add little bit of water (maybe 1 tbsp per egg) to the eggs before you beat them. It really makes them fluffy once they are scrambled.

  9. Thanks for the tip! I had them scrambled yesterday at Over Easy. I’d never ordered eggs before so I had not idea what to say when she asked how I wanted them LOL. I think I am going to try to make your quiche next. Maybe that will be an easier texture to get adjusted to than the scrambled was. Thanks for the tips!!

  10. K– sorry for blowing up the feed again, but is hemp protein Paleo? If so, thinking that may work…

  11. If it comes from hemp seeds then I would think yes, although I’m not super familiar with the product.
    I found this and it looks ok because it is raw and doesn’t have any gluten, sweetners, etc added.
    It might be the answer for you Shera! I am double checking with Kyle to see what he knows.

  12. Nicole #1 says:

    The paleo cookbook says to use Egg White protein powder. I found it at Whole Foods. All the smoothie bases listed have egg white protein powder, ground flax seed, and almond butter and 8 oz brewed herbal tea. I’ve made a couple different smoothies out of this and they’re pretty yummy.

  13. Egg white protein powder?? I’ve never heard of that. How much protein is in a scoop? I might have to pick some of that up!

  14. Nicole #1 says:

    This is the exact one that I found at Whole Foods that didn’t list any additives on the ingredients. It has 16g protein per 1/4 cup. It was on the same aisle kinda in the center of the store that has all the other smootie mixes and protein powders. Should be easy to spot in the bright orange container. http://www6.netrition.com/now_egg_white_protein_page.html

  15. Egg protein powder sounds awesome! Should give that a go – my smoothies need more oomph in the protein department. As for the hemp protein powder, I have heard lots of vegan/vegetarian folks on blogs talk about it. Apparently it is a good protein additive to smoothies if you do not eat meat, and unless it’s filled with lots of other chemical additives, I can’t imagine it being non-Paleo. Haven’t looked much into it, though, because, well, I just prefer meat…lol

  16. Thanks Nicole! I am definitely going to grab some of that. I’ve seen some paleo smoothie recipes with raw egg and was contemplating the idea but it just freaks me out. But egg protein powder sounds perfect! The hemp protein powder could be great too especially for Billy since he can’t have anything egg based, hmmmmm decisions decisions!Alima – probably a dumb question but do you alter your diet at all when you are not able to workout for an extended period of time? My Dr. made it seem like it’ll be quite some time before I can will get crossfit clearance from him. I hate it but learned my lesson about not listening to him the last time. Thanks!!

  17. Casey – I dont. Maybe I should, but I love to eat and I eat a lot whether I am working out or not. And I definitely don’t get to work out as much these days as I did pre-Aubrey. However, I am a lot more active during the day now then when I had a desk job so maybe that helps. Not sure. I hate to hear that you will be missing crossfit for a while, but better to let yourself heal then do more harm. Try to stay active in other ways like taking the dog for a walk or maybe running (not sure what your Dr has cleared you for and what he hasn’t. If you want to shoot me an email and let me know what you can and can’t do I can probably send you some home WOD’s that you can do without equipment. Just let me know.

  18. Kyle Deneke says:

    I do not recommend the use of protein powder. The processed nature of such an item usually diminishes the healthful value a great deal. Much like milk and other items, once pasteurized, separated from the yolk and sprayed through high pressure nozzles and the super heated to turn it into powder,many negative changes take place within the structure of the substance. Not trying to rain on any parades, but it is something to consider. Overly processed non whole foods such as egg white protein powder are not all that paleo. And, once truly studied often offer little in the way of nutritional value.

  19. Kyle Deneke says:

    I also realize that some people would say that it is fine to consume the aforementioned product. However, my previous comment is what I would tell anyone who asked. The term “paleo” has become one of the buzz words lately. Many people have taken to writing books and articles, even hosting web sites about the topic. I often find myself at odds with what they consider to be “paleo”

  20. FYI – Looking out of the building I’m trapped in during the day it appears that 1st Ave South is blocked off because of a concert in the park. It looks like 2nd is clear and one could enter the cfr parking lot by Domino’s.

  21. Just wanted to let you allknow that “Helen at home” sucks much more than”Helen at box”…I’m not sure if it’s the no-matter-which-route-i-take-i’m-always-going-to-finish-uphill run or the 2:1 burpees (on a sloped drive- my left shoulder got an amazing stability workout!) subbed for pull ups someone (Sri!)recommended… But my chest burns and I’m coughing worse than “Fran”… Time 21:21. Happy wodding! Good night!