WOD 05-17-2013

The last time I posted this WOD at least 7 people told me that they hated me. Enjoy…

80 Double Unders
70 Squats
60 Pull Ups
50 Wall Ball 20/14#
40 Step Ups 53/35#
Stop and complete 4 Burpees on the minute every minute

Compare to 01-07-2013


  1. Evil

  2. Didn’t make it past pull ups. See you guys Saturday

  3. Roxanne says:

    Ha, I have very fond memories of that day! I believe I was one of the seven. “this is the wod that never ends, it’s just goes on and on my friends…..”

  4. Brian C says:

    Let me be the first. I hate you!

  5. Brian C says:

    But I’m probably still dumb enough to show up! 😉

  6. This is gonna hurt….here we go!

  7. Sometimes the work-required road trip is not such a bad thing… See y’all next week.

  8. Just because I’m the one person who likes burpees, you didn’t have to program this on my Birthday, Kyle….

  9. Lauralee says:

    Worse than Murph

  10. Ricardo says:

    Is this thingamawod timed?

  11. Vincent says:

    I was really missing you guys until I saw this WOD posted! This one hurt last time.

  12. It is for time.

  13. be full, be full, be full, be full…..damn. see you at 3:45

  14. Casey S says:

    We will be thinking about y’all while sitting on the beach drinking beers for time…… 😉

  15. I’m embarrassed to say that I was one of those 7 that expressed my hate in January – looking back it was more just a “heat of the moment” thing…..but now I am starting to have those same feelings and we haven’t even begun. I clearly remember you telling us that the 4 burpees were a little excessive…but as long as you are doing it with us than I guess we are cool.

    I am starting to watch double under tutorials for the remainder of the day in hopes of not spending 5 minutes and 20 burpees before the air squats.

  16. I will be doing this WOD today. As I recall, it wasn’t so bad…
    Or it was so bad that I CAN’T recall.

  17. Allison says:

    Kyle, I think you forgot to mention this was a partner WOD and we can split the movements however we want… right?

  18. Allison,
    For a few $$ I could be persuaded to make this a partner WOD.

  19. Allison– you take all the wall balls, i’ll do all the burpees in-between.

  20. Sometimes, being waitlisted isn’t a bad thing. I’ll go ahead and go to my mom’s right after work now.

  21. This to me sounds very much like cruel and unusual punishment as opposed to a actual workout… Thanks for the heads up Kyle, I just remembered that I have an appointment to take my pet Smurfs to the Vet today, and my imaginary dog ate my homework, so I won’t be able to make it to class tonight… But, I still love you guys!!! Y’all have fun with that!!! See Ya Monday!!! lol

  22. Wait wait wait…did someone say they like burpees?!

  23. Bill: I will free up a wait list space for you buddy

  24. If this rain keeps up we might kick this thing up a notch. We can keep the doors closed and do it sweat lodge style.

  25. Is there even a name for this WOD? Thoughts?

  26. Nichele says:

    Just the thought of this is making my soreness hurt. I’m just gonna roll it out at home and see yall next week.

  27. Rebecca says:

    For those of you who unfortunately had to “miss” Murph last week, I will be paying my respects to the hero tomorrow morning at 9:15-9:30ish! Would love to have a partner for anyone who is still hungry for more after this WOD today..

    • Rebecca says:

      Update…won’t make murph after all. Woke up at 1:30 with sinus stuff and sore throat and couldn’t go back to sleep. Will have to wait!

  28. We got home and were talking about how many reps we could get between each set of burpees. I said at the end I was trying to do it fast to be done so ” for step ups I did 8 plus 8 plus 12 is 40″. Ross: “No that’s 28”. Oops. My brain wasn’t working because it was out of oxygen. Sorry!

  29. Starr,
    That is a good sign. The inability to perform simple math indicates that you were training at your max capacity. Keep up the bad math/ hard training.