WOD 05-19-2011

For Time:
Double Unders
Sit Ups

Also: Squat 6-6-6-6 @ 80% 1 RM

CFT this Saturday gym opens at 9:00. First lifts at 9:30. Be on time if you plan to take part.


  1. this is one of my favorite wods! i hate to miss it, but rest is required. see you all back in the box tomorrow!

  2. also, i just had to share this…
    overheard last night at the gym:
    “i’ve been down on my knees too much lately.” ~anonymous 😉

  3. LOL at Jackie I remember that comment!! Here is the link of Charles Barkley Crossfitting we were talking about last night. S/O to the ladies in this video they are KILLING this WOD.

  4. Humm…What could that mean?

  5. lisa wilson says:

    I’m trying to think if I said that. It’s hard to keep up with what comes out of my mouth.

  6. haha! lisa, it wasn’t you – you’re off the hook 🙂 the person who said it knows they said it b/c afterwords they uttered “hmmm… that sounded really bad!” haha! made my night 🙂
    thanks, daron!
    this the ones i saw from cf journal:
    and here is a new one from cf journal:

  7. Annie is an awesome workout! The real work is in the sit-ups.

  8. That all depends on if you have good double unders or not.

  9. And how easy sit-ups are for you…

  10. 7:18 from the home gym. PR by 43 seconds.

  11. Hence, I am trying to work on doing actual, full push ups. 😉 LOL!