WOD 05-23-2011

Day 15 Paleo Challenge

For time:

30 Muscle Ups

If you can't do muscle ups:

4:1 Pull Ups and weighted box dips

1:1 Bar Muscle Ups

If yo do pull ups and ring dips the pull up is 4:1 and the Rind dip is 1:1

If you are doing pull ups and dips you can split it any way you want.  All pull ups must be chin above bar. 


Dead Lift 6-6-6-6 @ 80% 1 RM (if you completed the CFT Satruday, you may want to skip these)


  1. wowser… i’ll be there… maybe all night, but i’ll be there! ha!
    btw, i’m DYING to know who the strongest male & female were at cfr on saturday? and what their totals were… PLEASE!!!

  2. Brittany B says:

    So, this might be stupid, but can you do bar muscle ups using the bands?

  3. thats not a dumb question. that is the only way i can do a bar musscle up 🙂

  4. What’s the time limit on muscle-ups?

  5. Not a stupid question. You definitely can and if you do them (even with the band) than you only have to do 30 instead of 120 pull ups and 120 dips.
    They are definitely tough though. I did them with the green band and I’m pretty sure I’m going to be bruised all across the bottom of my rib cage where I jammed it into the bar so many times. I only had time to do 15, but I had about 30 missed attempts between the 15 I actually got.
    Have fun!!

  6. So, I thought the wod was going to be what hurt most tonight, but showering proved much worse… Pretty sure I gave Janet Leigh’s scream a run for her money!