WOD 05-24-2013

***We will be closed on Monday for the Holiday***

With a partner complete the following:
One runs while the other works. After the first person completes the run, switch places. Post time and total reps completed. The lowest time with the highest average rate of reps will have the best score.
Run 400M
Wall Balls
Run 400M
Box Jumps
Run 400M
Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#
Run 400 M
Power Snatch 135/95#
As usual, the winning team will have all of your wildest dreams come true.

Reminder: If you arrive early while a class is in progress please wait in the lobby until your class begins.

Please be sure to cancel your reservations for classes if you can’t attend. This also applies if you are registered for multiple classes and on wait lists. We have had a few problems this week with people not getting added to classes due to people not showing up. If you can’t make it either cancel or let me know and I will take care of it. Thanks for your help with this situation.

We are adding a 6:30am class starting next Friday. We are also considering adding a 7:15am class on Friday. If you attend the 7:15am class currently and are interested the addition of a Friday session let us know. We will post a final decision about the Friday 7:15 early next week.


  1. Brian C says:

    Getting predictable Kyle. I called partner wod last night.

    Can you give an example of the scoring?

  2. Lauralee says:

    Will each person do wall balls, box jumps, KB swings, & power snatches? Or does it just go to the next movement when a person comes back from running?

  3. Every person will run and complete each movement.
    The WOD is over when both people have completed the power snatches while their partner is running.
    The 400 m run is used to dictate the time each person will work on each movement.

  4. Rebecca says:

    My wildest dreams would be for Hank and Ashley to stay at CFR forever! We are truly going to miss you guys. It has been so great getting to know you both and WODing alongside y’all over the past few months. You two truly provide that level of encouragement and energy that every gym needs! Great athletes and great friends! Best wishes as y’all move into this next phase of life! As Hank would say, “See y’all on the other side”… of the state line, that is 🙂