WOD 05-25-2011

With a continuously running clock complete 2 min. of each.  Count total reps completed, not total for each movement.

SDHP 75/55#

Wall Ball 20/14#

Push Press 75/55#

Pull Ups

Box Jumps 24/20

Skill Work: Row 500 M



  1. Yes – no burpees, no runnin’.

  2. is anyone else having trouble lifting their arms?

  3. no, but for the first time EVER i’m having trouble straightening them… not to mention bending over b/c my stomach cant touch itself :\
    i’m giving my body a rest today and tomorrow from cf – have a great wod and i’ll catch ya’ll friday and saturday!

  4. Dang, I could have done this WOD without too much modification…I hate to miss this week completely, but dissertation deadlines demand lots of attention. Anyone want to write this thing for me? Anyone? Anyone? …Bueller? 😉

  5. I will write it Su Jin! How hard could it be! 😉