WOD 05-28-2014

Deadlift 225/155#
Hand Stand Push Ups

Skill: 30 GHD sit ups
Mobility: pick 3-athletes choice

Sadly, today is the last day Martin will coach before he moves to Boston. Feel free to comment below with any goodbyes, well wishes, or funny Martin stories.


We have been really fortunate to have Martin as a part of CFR over the last 2.5 years. He has brought passion for CFR every day. He trains hard and with integrity. He is knowledgable and always ready to help. His attitude, friendship and work ethic will surely be missed. I certainly hope that he visits as often as possible. The pleasure has most definitely been ours. Best of luck to you Martin. You will be greatly missed.

Martin, you have been an amazing asset to the CFR staff as well as a great athlete at CFR. I am so thankful that your Father in Law bought you that gift certificate 2-1/2 years ago. When I was speaking with him about the purchase, I never imagined it would result in finding such a talented athlete and coach. Despite having coached longer, I feel like I’m always learning something new when I’m around you – whether it’s the REAL meaning of Hotdogs and Cupcakes 🙂 or getting the kip for my handstand push ups just right!  I will definitely miss watching you WOD – I’m constantly inspired by your athleticism (unless there’s sit ups in the WOD). Ha. Kidding. I know ya’ll will have a great time in Boston! You will be missed and you will always be part of the CFR family.  You better come back and visit!  -Alima



  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Martin for being an amazing coach and personal inspiration. We work hard everyday hoping to beat your times….maybe one day. Good luck in Beantown its pretty awesome there but come visit soon.

    Elizabeth and Tiffany

  2. We’re definetly gonna miss you bud. I’ve really enjoyed learning from you over the last couple years and trying my best to keep up with you on WOD’s that I thought I might stand a chance. I’m definetly gonna miss chasing your times and saying “hey if I only finished a few minutes behind Martin, then I must be doing something right” haha. Good luck in Boston, and you better come back to defend our CFR team completion title…haha.

  3. Katherine says:

    Today (really yesterday) Martin did all 100 of his double unders in a row. Then I bested my personal record: 7. So to say he is an inspiration would be an understatement. 🙂 But for real, Martin, you’ve been so helpful, positive, and most importantly, nice. Get on with your bad self in Boston. The city will be lucky to have you.

  4. Martin you’re a great coach and a great person. We are going to miss you. Make sure you tell your new gym that you were like the 30th best at Rebellion so we will look badass. Thanks for all of the help in coaching throughout the years. Enjoy the journey and be blessed.


  5. Scott M. says:

    Best of luck to you Martin! You will be missed. Thanks for being an excellent trainer and just an all around good dude. Sorry I can’t be there in person to say goodbye, I’m on an island drinking rum and getting fat. Don’t forget about us.

  6. Martin, I can still do those remote training sessions if you’re interested. If you follow my plan it could really help you take it to the next level. It will take a lot of hard work (aka naps) and you’ll have to eat paleo-ish (pizza and beer) but once you see what my plan can do for you I guarantee you’ll love it. Plus the ladies will love the new you 🙂

    • Martin, are you moving to Boston just so you wont have to live in my shadow any longer? I hate that…

  7. Martin, it’s sometimes hard for us non-elite CrossFitters to talk to elite CrossFitters about WODs or our relative strengths and weaknesses….we seem sort of silly. But you are always open and encouraging and easy to talk to. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and I know you’ll love Boston!

  8. Martin – thank you for all your hard work, encouragement, and great attitude. I’ve never seen you in a bad mood, and I’ve never seen you do anything other than give 110%. Keep it up bro. You will be missed.

  9. Someone as humble as Martin would likely not acknowledge and certainly not admit that he has changed so many lives for the better. Not only was he an excellent trainer at CFR, but he helped Peter with getting the job of his dreams…and really changing our lives around for the better. Thank you so much for that. Martin’s wife is also a phenomenal person, and her residency program is so lucky to have her. Thanks again, guys!

    • What Sarah said is spot on. Martin, I owe you an insurmountable debt of gratitude. You are a great and selfless guy, a hardworking athlete, and a phenomenal coach and teacher. Everyday I’ll continue to aspire to live up to your example. Have fun in Boston and good luck to both of you. You’re already missed here in B’ham.

  10. Martin, thank you for all that you have brought to CFR since you began working out and training with us. Your moving is a big loss, but we fully expect visits whenever you are back in Alabama. I can say that I have personally grown as an athlete from your training, especially from your insight and cues in the Oly lift classes. While it is certainly fun to give you a hard time about your dislike of sit-ups in a WOD (and I hate that Alima beat me to that!), you a truly a talented athlete and coach, and I know you will be successful in your new gym as well as your new life in Boston. Thanks again, Lauren

  11. Rebecca says:

    Martin, it has been a blessing and honor to train with you at CFR! Your dedication to your own training as well as the training of others has been inspirational as many have already expressed. You have always had a keen eye for technique and offer sound advice from which I have personally benefited many times. It will be hard not having you there on snatch days, but I know others will be benefiting from your great coaching tips up there in Boston! We will miss you terribly down here but hope to see you again soon when you’re back down this way. Best of luck in grad school and also to your wife as she begins her residency program! Keep in touch!

  12. Martin, I’ve never gotten to know you as well as I would have liked to,
    but I like how you’ve established that it’s okay to be an artist and an athlete
    at the same time. I admire your talent and coaching ability
    so, so much.
    It’s funny but one of the main reasons I came back was because one day, early on, you came over and talked
    to Mariel and I just thought that was so nice. I didn’t know you were
    married. 😉 congratulations and best luck.

  13. Wow, thank you all so much for the well wishes. It’s hard for me to express my gratitude toward the entire CFR community, from Kyle and Alima to every last athlete I’ve had the pleasure to coach or wod with. Unfortunately I was unable to coach my final class today due to a family emergency, but needless to say, your words have brightened my day. I’m extremely sad to be leaving Birmingham simply because it means leaving CFR. You all have been a constant inspiration to me to train as hard as I can and get better every day, whether it is watching someone get their first pull-up, wwp (wod while pregnant), or just seeing a good time on the board and nearly killing myself to try and beat it. Thanks for your encouragement and patience as I continue to learn how to be a better coach and thanks most of all for your friendship. I will miss you all! I will definitely be back to visit. If you’re ever up in Boston, drop me a line (9705564972) and come wod at JP crossfit!

  14. You re the best! We are going to miss you. Thank you for everything and good luck in Boston!