WOD 05-05-2010

Five rounds of:
5  deadlifts
5  hang cleans
5  push presses
5  front squats

Using a barbell, pick a weight that you can use to successfully complete each round with out dropping the bar.  You may go up in weight each round if you choose.  However, any round in which you drop the bar will count as a failure for the round.  Additionally, you may rest between rounds as needed but you will only have 20 mins. to complete this WOD. 

Post weight used for each round plus total time.

Regarding personal music devices:

It has been a long standing rule at CFR that personal music devices are not allowed.  I will be happy to explain the reasons for this rule at your request.  Lately I have not been as adamant about enforcing the rule.  The failure to inform and enforce rests with me.  Starting today the rule will be enforced.  Consider this post as notification of said rule.  As you know, you are always welcome to bring your mp3 player and plug it into the stereo.  Thanks for your understanding with regards to this matter. 


  1. i totally undersatnd about the music devices. i want to apologize to everyone for wearing mine. i used to wear it for the running part and i would turn it off when i got into the gym so i could hear the cues from kyle about the weights. but i understand that my safety with my oly lifts is the most important, and if i can’t hear the cues, then i’m putting myself at risk for injury.

  2. Brian K. says:


  3. putmanjl says:

    5 rounds again…. ouchy

  4. putmanjl says:

    making sure- main lists dumbbells, are we doing barbell. It is completely plausible that kyle switched it up, just making sure. JP

  5. i think he switched it to barbell b/c there could be a lot of craziness going on with the dumbbells.

  6. The Brain says:

    More barbells than dumbbells (people will probably be doing the same weight as each other…maybe).
    Can you increase the weight for two rounds, stay where you’re at for the 3rd, then decrease the weight for the 4th & 5th rounds; or does it need to only be an increase if we change weight between rounds?

  7. plus now you get to hear everyone yelling at you to pick the bar up – or get back on the pull-up bar in my case 🙂
    i’ll be missing tonight – see ya’ll tomorrow! hopefully it will be an “easy on the hands” wod tomorrow… or easier on the hands at least!