WOD 05-11-2010

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

20 minute time limit

It appears that we will have no CF classes this Thursday.  CFR will be closed.  I have a work function that I can't miss.  I apologize for the short notice.  Please spread the word among any CFR people that you know.  In a few weeks this type of thing will no longer be an issue as we will have additional trainers on staff to cover me when I am away.  Again, I am sorry for the inconvenience.


  1. and then what? dead lift 3 , run? Pull up? what?!? i cant take it? what else is there?

  2. The Brain says:

    @Chuck – that’s all you need, man!

  3. dang your work function. I didn’t know teachers had work functions.
    I won’t be in Friday so I guess this is a short week for me.

  4. hate i’m missing this one! i run home and upload photos for my class tonight – talk about procrastination! 🙂 hopefully i’ll make it in tomorrow…

  5. i was also thinking about doing 100 burpees for time…or 100 hspu’s for time. is this a possibility, kyle, if i (and whoever else wants to join me) stay out of the way? i’d like to get a little endurance in there too? i can’t do strength tonight b/c i’m bringing my pops and he’s not going to want to stick around for that long. if not, no biggie.

  6. hell no. your crazy. deadlifts are enough for me. nothing else.

  7. chuck! i thought you wanted more wod, buddy? i thought you would be the first one to join me!
    btw, has anyone watched the “Iceland Annie” vid on the main site. AH-MAY-ZING is all I can say.

  8. watched it! make sure you listen to it, too – you can hear her friends cheering for her and pushing her…yes, in icelandic, but you still know the gist of what they’re saying. my favorite part is at the end she changes the judges count on her chest-to-bar pull-ups from 8 to 7. when questioned after, she said she didn’t feel the touch and didn’t think the rep should count. “fair is fair” and she’d have felt guilty. what a great competitor!

  9. i’ll join, but only if i can do it between reps of dead lifts. 3 dead lifts, 33 burpees, 3 dead lifts, 33 burpees…so on and so on. thats the deal. take it or leave it.

  10. i’m not striking deals here, mister.
    (plus i don’t have the authority to tell you that’s ok or not!)

  11. Since there’s no class on Thursday, does anyone want to meet up and run a 5K Thursday?

  12. putmanjl says:

    Volleyball that night too, come out and support the team. You might see my head EXPLODE!!!

  13. hopefully you won’t see that (or me cry)! games are at 730p and 815p (if the first ones are on time) at the hoover rec center… just walk in and tell them you’re there for volleyball. the gym is upstairs thru the door just past the front desk.