WOD 05-12-2010

For Time

Run 400M

Then 3 rounds of

7 reps ground to overhead 135/95# 

Run 200M

21 KB swings 70/53#

Run 200M

Remember:  No CFR tomorrow.  We are closed Thursday the 13th of May.


  1. guess i’ll do this one again?

  2. What is ground to overhead?

  3. get the weight from the ground to a locked out position overhead any way you can. so you can power snatch it, squat snatch it, power clean and jerk it, power clean and press it, whatever. just so long as you get it from the ground to overhead in a locked out position.

  4. who is updating the BTW account now?

  5. me….sorry. i’ll get on it now.

  6. josh – i’ll give you the user name and password so 2 people can be on top of it.

  7. man, why is everyone so quiet? geez…it’s almost depressing.

  8. Just thinking about 3 rounds of 21 reps 70lb KB swings…Geez

  9. bah. if i survived, you’ll survive.

  10. let me clarity…i survived the 53# kb swings…

  11. clariFy…not clarity. :\

  12. Did you do this one Saturday, Cori? I won’t be able to join the fun tonight – have a shindig at my daughter’s ballet. If it ends at an appropriate time, I might pop in for some pull ups or something quick. Y’all have fun!

  13. yeppers….did this on saturday.

  14. I’m mentally preparing….

  15. i’m going to come in and do what i can – may have to stop a round early, pending time… see ya later!

  16. Amber (the new girl) says:

    i’ll be out the rest of this week. but will join back in the fun on monday! good to see everyone yesterday! super excited to be back! thanks to everyone for the support and good mojo over the past few months. especially chalison for extended happy hour support!