WOD 05-24-2010

CrossFit Total

Back Squat 1

Shoulder Press 1

Deadlift 1

This WOD will require everyone to work together.  Plan on staying a little longer than usual. You will only get 4 attempts at each lift. 

Big congratulations to Alima for completing her Level 1 cert and test over the weekend.   


  1. Kyle Deneke says:

    I have talked to Josh about a 5K run by his house followed by some food fun and frolic. The date we discussed was Saturday June 5th. If Putman gives the all clear and you guys want to do it, we will make it happen. Let me know.

  2. YEA! congrats, alima!
    excited about this – never done cf total – or a one rep dl max… COMPLETELY excited! woo hoo!

  3. Amber (the new girl) says:

    WOOT WOOT!!! Congrats Alima!!! You rock lady!

  4. I love how you can see the happiness and achievement in your face, Alima! Way to go.
    Question for you VFF (Vibram five fingers) people: ran in mine for the first time this weekend. Good news: knees and back feel better than they usually would. Bad news: Calves are toast. Is that just something I’ll get used to? or am I doing something wrong?

  5. donna – i talked to shane yesterday and he just got VFF’s also….and he just ran a 5k in them for the first time…and he said his calves were SUPER sore….so i don’t think it’s you. also, susanna has said the same thing.

  6. The Brain says:

    You’ll get used to it. Calves and supporting muscles in ankles are definitely sore for a while at first. That’s just using muscles you haven’t before when running (or something like that).
    Congratulations, Alima!
    1st Annual Putman 5,000 (meters) – I’m in.

  7. I ran about 3 miles in mine for the first time over the weekend. Same experience. my knee didn’t bother me, but it worked the mess out of my calves. Cori has taken some pose running classes and should be able to give us some tips and exercise to help with the transition.

  8. Kyle Deneke says:

    The great thing about the Vibrams is that you don’t need any extra info on runnung in them. They force you to run in more natural pose style. That is why your calves are so sore.

  9. The Brain says:

    Kyle, I’ve wondered about this. As long as your heels aren’t touching the ground first and jarring your knees you’re basically doing it right? I wondered if i should pay more attention to my form.

  10. Kyle Deneke says:

    Avoiding the heel strike is a major part of the movement. The motion that you use to move you leg also changes as well as the forward inclination of your body. I plan on having Cori give a pose info session in the near future.

    the vff force you to run on your toes, because if you heal strike it hurts like hell. calf soreness is normal. Basically whateveryone else said is true. I would love to send the sales rep some pics of us all wearing the VFFs.

    Please try to buy online or from Alabama Outdoors… if you must buy from Mountain High Outfitters just lie to me about it :). Basically MHO has systematically fired everyone thats been there for more than 2 years. I have no idea what kind of service you will get , but I can almost guarantee you that the guy or girl who sells you the shoes will not be the guy or girl who is there the next time you come in. I am currently trying to get them to square up with my insurance on some things. Rogers Trading may also have some down 280.

  13. Joshua Putman says:

    We are good to go for the 5K. I will discuss details tonight. I have a 5K mapped out, but I could also map out some shorter distances.

  14. Joshua Putman says:

    CONGRATS ALIMA! (and Kyle for passing written) I never had any doubts you would do fantastic! See you tonight hopefully or I will FB you.

  15. I will unfortunately be out of town for the 5K! But, I’ll either be at Mt. Rushmore, Glacier National Park, the Badlands, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, or Jackson Hole – all of which I will be covering on my portion of the Brooks Family Western Roadtrip 2010 Extravaganza. So, I’m only sorry I want get to join the fun, not sorry I’ll be out of town.

  16. Joshua Putman says:

    5K is cancelled due to Josh stowing away on the BROOKS FAMILY WESTERN ROADTRIP 2010 EXTRAVAGANZA

  17. Nichele says:

    I’m looking forward to learning more about the Pose method. For comparison’s sake, I’d suggest checking out ChiRunning as well, if you haven’t already. Same basic concepts — forward lean, midfoot strike (well, just past the balls of the feet), etc. Performance oriented, but with a more meditative, mind-body approach. chiliving.com

  18. Ha! :o) Before you make your plans, however, remember that there will be two adults, a 13-year old, a 7-year old and (yes) a 2-year old in one Honda Pilot for 27 days. The space available for stowaways will be slim.

  19. actually…the guy who came up with the chi running theory was schooled by romanov…the man who trains people in pose…just to let you know. 🙂

  20. The Brain says:

    Joshua Putman: On the offhand chance I don’t make it tonight, can you post details of the Inaugural Putman 5,000 to comments? (Or just tell me tomorrow?)

  21. can we slip-n-slide the 5k?

  22. MAN that would be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!

  23. I’m in on the 5K at Josh’s place.

  24. Alima Deneke says:

    I am definitely in if we are slip-n-sliding the 5k!

  25. I’m lost…why are we doing a 5k at Josh’s house? is the gym closed?

  26. for the FUN of it, robyn 🙂