WOD 05-26-2010


For time:


Deadlift 225/155#.

Hand Stand Push Up

Don't forget:  We are closed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday for the holiday.  We are back on Tuesday with the regular schedule.  Have a safe holiday weekend!!


  1. dang! i really think i have to do this wod! i’ll rest thurs and fri!

  2. oh, hand stand push ups, how i want to like you but just can’t… at least not at this moment. thankfully, you paired yourself with deadlifts.

  3. Kyle Deneke says:

    2:1 on all subs for HSPU today!! Enjoy!

  4. Susanna says:

    so…….42-30-18? my poor guns were just starting to recover from last week : )

  5. sorry guys, but wednesdays are now my off days. enjoy it without me. I wont see yall again until tuesday. give em hell though!

  6. geez, chuck, wednesdays last 6 days on your calendar? i wish i could do that to my saturdays! 😉 well, have a good off day & weekend!

  7. Cori is trying to publicly shame me by pointing out my pitiful deadlift from Monday on Facebook. 🙂

  8. I noticed that, Phil. It was like you got called to the Principal’s office or something. I could hear a hushed “oooooooooh” going out over the internet.

  9. dude! i am just making sure you aren’t slacking! how about this…you ready? my deadlift is not too far from your deadlift. don’t let me catch you.

  10. Don’t make her break out the gold lame and matching sweat band, Phil. You don’t want that.

  11. don’t let me catch you in GOLD LAME! that would be really embarassing.

  12. keep in mind, it could be because he did the deadlift last and his muscles were fatigued from such a large back squat…
    btw, on the gold lame – found it online, but nothing in town… it won’t be here in time for ya. anyone know a good seamstress that can sew a gold lame top by tomorrow???

  13. oh, and phil would be the LAST person i would accuse of sanbagging!