WOD 05-27-2010

For Time:

100 Pull Ups

every time you come off the bar, 5 burpees.

If band assisted, you must do at least 30 burpees. 

*Remember, this is the last day of CFR classes until Tuesday.  Enjoy the Holiday Weekend. 

**CFR is pleased to announced that we will be offering a bootcamp in Homewood starting in June.  If you know anyone who might be interested let me know.  You can direct them to www.g3bootcamp.com.  The bootcamp will start June 7th at 5:30 am. **


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  2. wow! this is pretty nasty! i’m actually sorry to be missing it! i won’t be in the gym tonight folks…tweaked my back good last night. ARGH! oh well…all i can do now is rest until saturday and hope for the best!
    thanks all for the support these past few months. i’ll go to jacksonville, give it my all and REPRESENT cfr as best as i possibly can! xoxo

  3. Props to anybody that gets through this Rx’d.

  4. Cori, know a great therapeutic massage person if you want to see if you can get in with her today. Kate tremblay at heartwood yoga. Tell her I referred you and the circumstances…can be hard to find her with availability though.

  5. send me her number donna!

  6. duh…i’ll look it up! 🙂 haha!

  7. 979-0019

  8. The Brain says:

    I knew something was up last night. Can’t wait.
    Good luck Cori – here’s hoping for a quick recovery from tweaking your back last night and a strong showing in Jacksonville.

  9. Donna – I second that! I will most likely be doing 200 burpees. At least I’ll be off for four days to recover…
    Good luck Cori! We will be cheering for you!

  10. Mother of Pearl…..this might have to be a rest day

  11. Brian K says:

    Can we keep track and do all the burpees at the end or do we have to do them while we are doing the pullups?

  12. Good luck Cori! Keep us posted on your results.

  13. okay, this is going to be a LONG night! good thing i don’t have class on thursdays…or volleyball.
    good luck this weekend, cori! kick butt & take names!

  14. haha! so i just calculated… IF i can do 5 pull-ups without dropping, then i will end up having done 100 burpees by the end of this wod. oh, joy! 🙂

  15. one more post – since it’s late on thursday and tomorrow is an “off” day, i’m going to post the WoW tomorrow… see ya’ll later!

  16. for all you beyond the whiteboard users…i have no idea how to post this wod on that site…it’s more complicated that i think i’m allowed to create…i’ll do the best i can with it. i’ll make sure you can post your total time and your total number of burpees, even if it has to be 2 separate wods.
    good luck everyone!

  17. We’ll be thinking about you, Cori – is there a place we can keep up with how things are going Saturday? Proud of you!

  18. Cori, what is your competitor number? they have all the heat times arranged by number and they might post the scores that way.

  19. http://scores2010.crossfit.com/scoring/southeast/
    wow…i really AM on the roster….i just discovered this link.

  20. i think my number is 140…according to that link.

  21. http://health.yahoo.com/featured/110/7-weight-loss-transformations/
    Check out Tim and Eileen. Crossfit + Paleo = Results.

  22. crossfit + paleo = results…and gold lame?

  23. man! tim and eileen turned into hotties after crossfit and paleo!