WOD 06-02-2010

3 rounds
Run 400 meters with 25/15# plate
75 squats
20 wall ball 20/14#


  1. glad i won’t have to rush out after tonight, but now the rest of us will be walking like cowboys for three days, too! shane, this is gonna be a REAL GOOD follow up to the wod you did yesterday…

  2. Wednesdays are my off days. Thank goodness

  3. mmhm. sure. “off day.”

  4. mother of pearl….

  5. Cori, I have to justify it some way.

  6. i thought monday was your “off day” this week???

  7. ooooooo…jackie called you OUT!

  8. That’s why we have holidays to get two off days. Didn’t you guys know that? I think its in the holiday rule book somewhere.