WOD 06-02-2011

AMRAP 15 Min.
5 Push Ups
10 Shoulder Press 75/55#
15 Wall Ball 20/14#

Skill: 15 pistol per leg


  1. Kyle, what would you recommend for the best jump rope for double unders? I’ve got one I work on at home, but it’s a thicker cable, and I think I need to try the skinnier ones, because I’m not seeing any progress (and, clearly, that’s the rope’s fault).

  2. Donna, If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that it is “always” the equipments fault!

  3. I like the ropes from Wright. I have one at the gym you can try out. IF you want, I can get one for you next time I go in.

  4. Chuck – where have you and Alison been? You need to come back in and blame some more equipment.

  5. I would like to go ahead and blame the wall balls for my crappy wod this evening….. it most definitely does not have anything to do with the condition of my legs after the 300m of walking lunges yesterday 😉

  6. Congrats to Brittany B. on being awarded CFR’s Crossfitter of the month!

  7. Brittany B says:

    woo hoo! I’m so excited! 🙂

  8. We have been dealing first with the sale of our house then the fact that we had 3 weeks to find a new place to live. Got all that done, then had to deal with the loss of the contract on our house and all that other jazz. Also, i twisted my ankle pretty bad about a week and a half ago, but hope to be back in full swing starting next week. Looking forward to it in that _______ Complex sort of way. I cant remember what you call it, but its the one where abused people try to protect their abuser. That’s kind of how i look forward to hit 🙂 Like Oh yeah! Come Monday, I’m gonna get my Arse kicked! Cant wait. Woo Hoo!

  9. Yay – so did your house sell ultimately?