WOD 06-03-2011

Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1

Also: Run 1 mile


Remember this tonight.  It is important that the bar travels back over the leg.  You must jump through the extension not before of after.  Like Rip says use the high hang position as an aiming point. 

As you all know, athletes will come and go at CFR.  Our efficacy is in the results that each one leaves behind.  Anyone committed to our program (exercise and nutrition) is sure to be a faster, stronger, leaner, more well rounded athlete.  We appreciate each of you allowing us to be stewards of your fitness.  Your personal life is beyond  our control.  We stand by the results we provide.  We will continue to provide the best programing and CF community in this area. 


  1. Good video – wish I could be there for this one. And, BTW, looking forward to Trainer Shane and Trainer Lauren getting in on the fun! Congrats to you both.

  2. Thanks Donna!

  3. And, BTW, long live the Curse of the Walking Lunges.

  4. Scott M. says:

    Congrats to Brittany B. on being CF of the Month – awesome!

  5. Scott M. says:

    Kyle/Alima – When can we sign up for Monday’s 4:30 class?

  6. Did you guys decide not to do a Friday lunch class? Meant to ask Kyle that last night and totally forgot. Also, Kyle…. I tried my whole blending up hard boiled eggs into my smoothie idea and it was a giant disaster LOL. Back to the drawing board and figuring out how I can sneak eggs into my diet

  7. Oh, Casey, that sounds total yuck! 🙂 Good for experimenting, though!

  8. I was thinking that the fruit and coconut milk might disguise it but there is no disguising chunks of egg in a smoothie. What I had envisioned was that if I put hard boiled eggs in my food processor it would turn into powder and therefore be paleo protein powder. I could not have been more wrong LOL! Trail and error I suppose

  9. Kyle Deneke says:

    Casey, the Friday lunch class is next on the agenda. we are still trying to gauge the consistency of the lunch class coupled with the impact of the addition of the 4:30 class on Friday. We hope to get that all sorted out very soon.
    I hate to hear that about the eggs. It was worth a try. I still feel that it can be a good method, just need to figure out how to get the eggs fine enough. I will keep searching for an alternative method.

  10. Kyle Deneke says:

    Scott, I think we will have that up and running by Sunday. I know you like to be the first one signed up and all so I will send you a special email to let you know.
    Just kidding, we should have the class created on mindbody this evening.

  11. Scott M. says:

    Like Ricky Bobby said: “If ain’t first, you’re last”

  12. Kyle Deneke says:

    I thought Ricky Bobby said “keep your shirt on”. No, nevermind, that was Original Jason Wallace.

  13. Perfect comeback Kyle!

  14. Scott M. says:

    As Jason Wallace says: “Suns out, Guns out”

  15. Kyle Deneke says:

    I have never heard that before, I like it.

  16. Okay great, just double checking! Re: eggs in the smoothie I am going to keep playing with it and see if I can figure out a way but if you find something quicker definitely let me know!

  17. Hey Casey, there’s always egg protein powder, that’s what I use. 🙂 You can get it at Whole Foods, in the vitamins section. Oh, and congrats to both of our new trainers!

  18. Brittany B says:

    Thanks Scott!

  19. Kyle Deneke says:

    Su Jin, we often advise against that product. When possible we encourage the useage of fresh whole foods.

  20. Oops, hm…I thought it was okay, because I thought I remembered a discussion about it on the food blog…well, now I know.

  21. We never discussed it on the food blog. It was discussed on this blog and several people commented that they were using it. Kyle commented against its use, but it was late in the day and I don’t know that many people saw it. It’s just a very processed product and because it is dried and then preserved to sit on a shelf, you miss out of a lot of the good properties of eggs.
    On another note, the 4:30 classes are available online so you can sign up whenever you are ready!

  22. Su Jin, what Kyle and Alima said about the store bought protein powder was the reasoning behind trying to make my own homemade egg protein powder. I was extremely disappointed that it did not work out but I did learn how to hard boil and egg (thanks to Google) 🙂

  23. Which means you also know how to boil water now! So that was like 2 lessons in 1! 😉

  24. Exactly! It was a big learning day for me 😉