WOD 06-08-2015

We are getting an order together for the electrolyte solution that we recommend for our athletes. As you know,  we don’t believe in or endorse any junk supplements. This product is a very clean source for essential electrolytes that can help you withstand the heat this Summer. If you have ordered in the past and want to order again let us know. If you haven’t used this product before and are interested or have questions ask me or Alima at the gym.   The price is $35  per bottle.  Each bottle contains 60 servings. 

3 Rounds 

Run 400M

21 kettle bell swings 53/35#

12 pull ups

Compare to March 09-2015

Skill:  30 GHD sit ups 

Mobility:  3 drills from the overhead Chart.  



  1. Scott M. says:

    Put me down for a bottle of electrolyte solution – thank you.