WOD 06-09-2010

AMRAP 20 min.
30 Double Unders
20 Push Ups
10 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35

Don’t forget that morning classes will return Tuesday. We will meet at 5:30 AM on Tuesday and Thursday. Let me know if you will be attending.


  1. Crap. Double unders on a day I’m not there. This was right in my wheelhouse.

  2. hmm. interesting wod… looking forward to all but the push-ups!
    as for morning classes, i will be attending some mornings. probably once/week right now, then more in a couple of weeks.

  3. At least they’re not the 70-lb kettlebells this time… still, BIOW is looking more and more like a viable option.

  4. if you participate in BIOW, do you also participate in BIOT?

  5. where are results from yesterday?

  6. HELL YEAH! Thats the spirit! I was gonna come today, but if the party is gonna be somewhere else….

  7. you want to know whats really sad? i was about to ask what BIOW and BIOT stood for. Seriously.

  8. i just laughed out loud at you chuck!
    i’ll be there tonight – i’m participating in BIOF this week… 🙂

  9. I dislike double unders as much as visiting the dentist.

  10. Don’t forget, intro class 6:30 tonight.

  11. Nichele says:

    Are there any hazards related to attempting double unders while barefoot? I’m at work and packed everything except the shoes.

  12. toe decapitation? seriously….barefoot du’s HURT…but it’s your call. maybe tuck jumps or 2:1 single unders would be ok?

  13. Nichele says:

    Toe-capitation? Nah, I’ll take a pass. I’m not DU proficient at this point anyway. It’s pretty busy here at work anyway.

  14. Nichele says:

    Jackie! Toe-capitation! Inspired by Cori. Do you need a WoW? Or do they have to be positive? Because losing a toe or two is not motivational.

  15. haha! clever nichele! however i’ve never done du’s barefoot, i have watched josh do them barefoot and he only tried them a couple of times. i think the rope has the potential to whip b/t the toes and lash across the top of the foot when you miss the jump…causing unpleasant whelps and possible toe-capitation to occur! 🙂

  16. This looks like one I’ll have to try at casa del prather. Should have rolled down the hill for a visit today.

  17. Throw my name on the board for 7.5 Rx’d. Push ups are pathetic. However, my buddy lee aerospeed performed as advertised. My only miss was #16 of my 7th set. It’s almost like cheating!
    Respect Putman!