WOD 06-12-2013

150 Wall Ball 20/14#

Compare to 01-23-2013

Skill: 15 one arm KB swings on each arm. 44/35#


  1. Yay!!

  2. CoughFit says:

    The Karen that this workout is named after doesn’t seem very creative. I’m sure it’s probably a tough one, but I invented a workout that’s even more extreme. I call it “Jason” and it consists of 151 wall balls.

    • @ CoughFit, i thought that one was called ‘DNF’?

      • CoughFit says:

        I haven’t attempted it yet. Admittedly, I haven’t read up on the rules for naming workouts, so if you have to complete it to name it, I may need to alter it a little. Let’s change it to 16 wall balls, and you have to try really hard to do it unbroken (substitute would be 2:1 with lacrosse balls). Also, you have to do it while Kyle makes fun of your sweatband.

      • perfect.

  3. Crippled Ginger says:

    Stupid workout

  4. I hope Ted comes in this evening. I know he loves this WOD.

  5. 11:07 Rx. Now to rehydrate. A lot.