WOD 06-15-2010

Run 800 m

25 box jumps

50 sit ups

Run 400 m

50 squats

Run 400 m

25 box jumps

50 sit ups

Run 400m

Also, big congratulations to Cori for earning her level one certificate over the weekend.

No one will be permitted to use the refrigerator at First Ave Rocks from now on.  It has become an issue for F.A.R. management.  To many people wanting access.  Thanks for your understanding. 


  1. WARNING: this wod may cause butt burn.

  2. Is that an official term?

  3. suck-o-rama about the fridge, but i completely understand. do you think you could get approval for a very small mini fridge in the corner by the pvc pipes? my personal concern is my leftover lunch food…it isn’t an issue when it’s cool outside. if not, i understand and i’ll find a solution. but thought i would ask.

  4. so…jackie got the butt rash today, huh? nice. that means her situps were really fast!
    btw, the morning crew rocked it out! can’t wait to see the evening crew times on this one!

  5. Great, a shoulder friendly workout. The squats are going to feel wonderful after the 200 i did yesterday.

  6. is there a specific way to do the sit ups? ab mat or no ab mat? this running is gonna SUCK in this heat. props to you morning people!!!

  7. A few things,
    1. If you plan on doing this WOD this afternoon, you should be hydrating now.
    2. “butt burn” happens.
    3. If you were in on the milk, we need to get our pick up schedule set up. The Deneke house is ready for another gallon.
    4. We have been aproved for a mini fridge. I will speak to you (Cori) about it later today.

  8. What’s “in on the milk” mean? Sounds suspicious…

  9. i will chip in on a fridge. as long as it has a lock and i can keep beer in it. sorry, but gonna miss tonight, mom’s in town, so you’ll have to find someone else to complain about everything.

  10. Oh yeah. Congrats Cori. Does this mean your gonna start bossing me around at the Gym now?

  11. yes, “butt burn” is an official term… i forgot my mat this morning.
    i don’t mind making the next run. if he’ll let me go EARLY saturday (7am-ish arrival??), i’d be happy to get up and pick it up to bring to the gym that morning for delivery. just let me know!
    i second the hydration recommendation… even at 6am this morning, i looked like i had stepped from the pool when i was done. SOAKED.

  12. 1. amen on the hydration. it was nasty this morning…i can’t imagine tonight.
    2. “butt burn” doesn’t only happen…it also sucks when it happens.
    3. what date are you talking about on the milk? i’m going out of town and it might not be wise for me to buy this go around.
    4. the fridge is $50. we paid $100. i’ll chip in some money. and i’m sure others would be willing to also.

  13. Kyle/Cori, I have a mini fridge I’m willing to part with. It’s currently sitting unused in my garage. You’re welcome to it.

  14. ah! why buy a mini fridge, when someone is willing to donate! sounds great, dave, but i’d work it out with kyle. he’s da boss. i’ll let him chime in.
    and chuck, unless you start showing up at 5:30 a.m., you’ll be off the hook…but i’m willing to bet you won’t be showing up at 5:30 a.m. 🙂 it’s just a guess, though.

  15. and robyn: i learned this weekend that the ab mat takes the hip flexors out of the equation when you’re doing situps so you use your abs more. when you do situps without the abmat, you use more hips than anything. i would use the abmat, bend your legs at the knees, and put the outside of your legs more flush with the floor (versus knees pointed towards the ceiling) to isolate your abs even more. you don’t have to do that, but that is the whole reasoning behind abmat and leg placement.

  16. saturday, june 19th – THIS saturday – would be when i can go.

  17. New Lara Bar flavors announced: chocolate chip cookie dough, carrot cake, chocolate chip brownie, and peanut butter chocolate chip. However, I understand that the “chocolate chips” have some added sugar, which seems to defeat the whole purpose….

  18. the carrot cake one is paleo! btw, i’ve already emailed them re: the chocolate in their bars (chips/powder/etc) to see if they are sweetened at all… stay tuned!

  19. Humidity at 5:30 am was unbelievable. I feel bad for those working out this evening.
    Jackie I will text you the milk guys number. You just have to call and ask him if that time will work. Get ready for an interesting farm experience! 🙂

  20. For the morning crew, I just looked at weather history. 93% humidity this morning. No wonder!

  21. so it was really like doing the wod in the pool!

  22. wow! 93%!?!?! that’s basically breathing under water!

  23. Yuck.