WOD 06-17-2010

For Time:
Run 400m
21 Deadlift 225/155#
21 Pull Ups
15 Deadlift
15 Pull Ups
9 Deadlift
9 Pull Ups
Run 400m

One last thing regarding push ups. The push up is a great movement to build upper body strength. As of late, I have noticed that push ups are being done to a poor standard. This is my fault as I have failed to enforce the standard. If you are not going chest to the floor/abmat on your push ups it is time to go back to the knees and work on range of motion. I have asked the other trainers to be looking out for partial push ups. This is not an attempt to call you out about your push ups, it is more an apology from me to you. I only want you to get the most from your training. I beleive this will enhance your results.


  1. Question: I have been doing my push ups full body and all the way to the floor, but I actually come all the way down on the floor and then push up. I don’t continue to support myself just over the floor and then push up like people do with “real pushups.”
    Should I keep doing them this way? do knees? Alternate between those two methods to work the full range of motion?

  2. Donna,
    you are covering full range of motion with your current style. However, you have to ask yourself if that method will get your closer to “real push ups”. Your sub should be geared toward improving the actual movement. I will think about your sub today.

  3. If you want milk, bring your money and jug to Jackie tomorrow.

  4. JOSHUA PUTMAN says:

    woohoo MILK!

  5. JOSHUA PUTMAN says:

    cori- i think I posted correctly on BTW.

  6. yep. i will be making the run EARLY saturday morning (7am) so that i can bring them to the gym for pick-up during gym hours on saturday. if you won’t be able to pick it up on saturday, let me know and i will hold it for you.

  7. thanks josh. i was caught up until today’s wod i think.

  8. so glad today is an off day. you guys have fun with this one. I think Kyle has a vendetta against us.

  9. he seems to have a running vendetta.

  10. Are you saying that kyle has declared a skunt against us?

  11. disregared that last statment. It seems someone else has already ruined the use of that word by giving it an inappropriate meaning. DONT LOOK IT UP! Just take my word on it. When we created it last night it was completly different. DONT LOOK IT UP!

  12. should that be the WoW??? I’m working on it right now… SO looking it up! (btw, you know when you tell someone not to do something, it just makes them want to do it even more, right?)

  13. umm… yeah… not using THAT word for the WoW.

  14. lol, lol, lol, I looked it up…. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  15. i know! it’s like you read “don’t look it up” but it only processes as “look it up.” sigh.

  16. i didn’t find a bad definition. :\

  17. Susanna says:

    ok…. so as I was overhearing the use of that word last night, I was wondering if it was some variation of “that” word- Glad to know it is not, but curiosity is peaked as the proper definition…. unless of course it is not for a ladies ears in which case…….

  18. while not apppropriate for the WoW, I think it is an entirely appropriate description of last night’s WOD.

  19. okay… today’s WoW is JUMPING TRACKS. Derived from a train switching tracks to go in a different direction, this term refers to someone having a conversation about one topic and suddenly something within that conversation makes them start talking about a completely different topic. It can be hard to keep up with the conversation if the person makes random connections between subjects. I have a tendency to JUMP TRACKS multiple times during a conversation… I think our CFR comments do to! Anyone want to buy a cow?

  20. Susanna says:

    Urban Dictionary Cori….. the words rhyme

  21. Looks like we’re safe as long as none of us move to Guyana. Ah, urbandictionary, is there nothing you can’t do?

  22. Did someone mention buying a cow???

  23. speaking of buying a cow and skunts… my sister just had her baby! it’s a boy 🙂

  24. Jackie, is that an example of the WoW or are you calling your sister a skunt? I’ll assume the former unless you say otherwise. 🙂

  25. haha! it’s an example of JUMPING TRACKS… although, it looks like i called her a cow and a skunt all at once! please don’t tell her, she might beat me up :\

  26. since yall are talking about skunt when the next snatch workout going to be.

  27. Susanna says:

    skunts don’t have snatches

  28. I must have read a different definition.

  29. look what i missed! skunts, snatches, jumping tracks, buying a cow. ya’ll are awesome! 🙂 i’ll miss you guys! see you next wednesday!