WOD 06-17-2011

Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#
Wall Ball 20/14#
Double Unders


  1. Brittany B says:

    Goodbye to all my CFR folks! Happy WODing! See y’all in 5 weeks!

  2. Have fun, Brittany! We’ll miss you.
    I want to do this WOD, but my body says I need a rest day. “Tabata burpee” always seems like an oxymoron to me.

  3. Nicole #1 says:

    Brittany where are you going to be the next 5 weeks?

  4. Brittany B says:

    In Atlanta for an internship. Luckily, I’ve found a crossfit gym to join in ATL for the time being!

  5. Nicole #1 says:

    Well Yay you you! That sounds exciting. We’ll miss ya, but time flies so fast you’ll be back in no time!