WOD 06-18-2014

Deadhang Pull Ups
Kettle Bell Swings
Step Ups with a Plate 45/35# 24/20″
Cash out Run 800 M

Skill: 3 Prowler pushes(down and back) 3 45# plates men 2 plates women.

We will be making an order of electrolyte solution at the beginning of next week. As you all know, we don’t promote or believe in junk supplements. I use this product on a regular basis. It is a great alternative to sports drinks and other sugary beverages geared towards hydration and recovery. This beverage has no sugar or coloring and additives. It is simply a balanced mineral solution that helps you achieve maximum hydration in the oppressive Summer heat.
We will only order for folks who pre order and pre pay. The cost is $35 per bottle. Each bottle is approximately 64 servings. Let us know if you are interested.



  1. I would like a bottle of the electrolytes. Thanks.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Can you tell us the name of the electrolyte solution, please.

    Also I want to order a box of Epic bars. This is my first order, can you get a variety box?


  3. I’ll take an electrolyte bottle, please.

  4. What brand is the electrolyte solution?