WOD 06-21-2010

6 rounds for time:
Run 200m
50 m Walking lunges
10 Thrusters 85/55

***Kipping Pull Up Workshop this Saturday from 10-11am***. Get your WOD in before 10:00 am.


  1. We have clearly done something to piss Kyle off.

  2. Putman- THE LEGEND says:

    posted BTW… Happy Monday Everyone!
    See you tonight!

  3. walking tomorrow won’t be an option!

  4. Putman- THE LEGEND says:

    btw= beynd the whiteboard

  5. You’re right, Donna. A whole workshop of pull-ups is going to be rough. Biceps and hands are already protesting.

  6. 6 rounds! My luck of missing the killer lower body workouts is over…..

  7. this should be a blast!

  8. Sure is quiet around here without Cori. I, for one, am ever-so-glad I did lunges on Saturday as part of my home workout.

  9. ummm… i just noticed the six rounds… geez… i think in my head i was hoping for three. doesn’t the heat remove a couple of rounds at least???

  10. Susanna says:

    Do we at least get to run through a sprinkler or something in between rounds?

  11. That would be awesome!