WOD 06-21-2011

Team WOD
16 Minute time limit:
With a partner run 1 mile
With remaining time complete as many reps as possible of
Wall Ball 20/14#
Sit Ups

Lauren will be running the 6:15 class today. 

Shane will be running the Intro class. 

If you missed out on the last order of electrolyte solution,we just got some more in.  I will have them at the gym today. 


  1. My team Dominated!

  2. Both folks run the mile together? Sounds fun.

  3. Everyone runs at the same time.
    Stephen, your team was outstanding.

  4. So how do we score this? Once done with the run I assume each person must be doing a different movement?

  5. Great question, I should have posted that. You and your team member will alternate the Wall Ball and Sit Ups. The score will be total reps completed by the team. If your team wins, all your wildest dreams will come true. Phil, that means that you will fianlly get that gold leme (sp) outfit you used to post about.

  6. Does it matter when we rotate? I imagine it’s not 1 wall ball, 1 sit up, rotate, repeat?

  7. Kristen Clever says:

    Looks like it’s not just Phil’s wildest dreams coming true if Phil wins.

  8. The rotation is up to the team members.
    Kristin Clever, it has been a while since we heard from you.

  9. Just posted a recipe for my new favorite salsa on the food blog. Go check it out!

  10. Looking out my window downtown; how many circles around the inside of the gym do we run to make up a mile?

  11. I just checked the radar and it appears that it is only going to rain long enough to make it even muggier than it was before