WOD 06-22-2010

AMRAP 20 Min.
20 Wall Ball 20/14#
15 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups

Don’t forget, kipping pull up seminar this Saturday from 10-11 am.


  1. apologies to the morning crew for my complaining this morning! i promise to have a better mindset come thursday morning… PROMISE!

  2. Kyle, can I sub dips for pull ups to let my hand be healing? Jackie, we all have those days!

  3. it was bad, donna… so bad that at one part i started laughing because i realized how bad my complaining was… seriously, no reason for that attitude! :\

  4. Nichele says:

    Hey y’all. On Wednesday the Birmingham News will run a story on Wright Dairy and it’s raw milk cheeses. I rarely find stuff worth recommending in the Food Section, but it’s a very good read. Buy, borrow or steal a copy.

  5. an excerpt from the cf journal article “the ultimate painkiller” by dr. steven m. platek: “Camaraderie, or being made to feel like you are part of a group that is supporting your goals, can make you push through a WOD or any challenge life throws at you.”

  6. AMEN!

  7. For any of you interested in getting a weekly veg box from GroAlabama there is a good deal going on right now. You can get half off your first month by going here

  8. Oh my word! Soreness has set in from yesterday and this morning…. you afternoon people get ready! You are going to feel it tomorrow!

  9. I’m starting to feel yesterdays also.

  10. Putman- THE LEGEND says:

    I got this on my cell phone…
    Voicemail from: Ashley (205) 215-7250 at 5:08 PM (google Voice transcript)
    Hey tear down and profit right now at once you get the contact information for, but help course in Montgomery, or are not mine from remind of Allah, so that we made looking to more frequent check there. Thank you. I love you bye.

  11. Putman- THE LEGEND says:

    She was asking me to get the Milk Contact info… so …

  12. seriously??

  13. Sounds like me trying to type after a WOD.