WOD 06-25-2010

Max Reps in 3 minutes of each. No rest between movements.

Pull Ups
Kettle Bell Swings
Med Ball Cleans

This WOD will be followed by a 1 mile run for time contest. The winner will be declared the fastest member of CFR.

Kipping pull up session tomorrow from 10-11 am. If you plan on doing tomorrows WOD, be in by 9:30. You will be cut off at 10:00 finished or not. The pull up seminar is open to all CFR members who want to improve their kipping skills.

***Frothy Friday*** thanks to Dave, the new CFR mini-fridge is ready to cool your beverages.


  1. Is there rest between the Med ball cleans and the 1 mile run? Also, I assume you must be present to win.

  2. Yes, you may rest between the WOD and the run. Yes, you must be be present to win. Yes my RAM should be in today. Yes I will bring my PC so you can install it.

  3. hate to miss this one because I am CERTAIN I would win the fastest CFR member. don’t ya’ll agree?
    that was a bit of sarcasm folks….

  4. i thought i would win. :\ (sarcasm also)

  5. Putman- not :( THE LEGEND says:

    they are all just lucky I am driving to ATL tonight 🙂

  6. Way to go Dave.

  7. yyyyyyaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAYYYY DAVE!

  8. Just to make sure. The winner will be declared the fastest “runner”. I currently hold the fastest “to complain” title and will not let it go without a fight. I hate fighting, and It’s to hot for this! HA HA beat you all again.

  9. Good luck Josh!

  10. The Brain says:

    @Chuck, I have been complaining since before you were a member. No offense, but I am clearly the fastest “to complain”. Just mention pull-ups and I’ll be complaining. And don’t get me started complaining on the heat…
    @Kyle, Newegg.com is the fastest to ship, for sure, if you ordered it yesterday.

  11. I may go all Tonya Harding on Brian prior to this WOD. I want to win!

  12. The Brain says:

    @Sri, Me?! You’re the one that was a clear 3 minutes ahead of me (2nd place) on that last 5k!

  13. The Brain says:

    Oh wait, I’m “the Brain”. Look out Brian – I know you’re relatively new and all, but Sri’s got it in for you…

  14. Wow! I want to be there for this race! Will Shane be there tonight too? Should be a good one! Shane, Sri, Brian, Kyle (saying “this is lame” the whole mile), Chuck (complaining about the heat the whole mile), I’m sure I’m missing some others….I’m going to try really hard to make it to CFR tonight!!!
    BTW, I think you should have a female AND male winner…they do that in races….you should do it too! I think the girls aren’t gonna try unless you make it a more even playing field. My .02….I mean, i know we can beat boys and all..especially at Fran and pullups and stuff….but sometimes it’s nice to have a male/female category.

  15. Sri, you are off the hook. I am going out of town for the weekend today. I put up a 6:40 i think the last time we had to run a mile so that gives you something to shoot for. But enjoy it while it last, ill be back to claim MY title.

  16. so, the goal will be to keep up with sri… this means i’d have to cut one minute off my mile… yeah, i don’t see that one happening! in the meantime, i’m going to do a rain dance and hope that 30% chance is enough! maybe i can run faster in rain???

  17. p.s. who’s bringing the puke bucket?

  18. I’m out tonight also. Might stop in for a few frothy friday drinks.

  19. I just want to see Sri go all Tonya Hardy on anyone…..

  20. Too bad Aubrey can’t make it in tonight. He was prepared to take all y’all down!