WOD 06-28-2011

5 Rounds
5 Deadlift 275/185#
10 Burpees

Skill: 30 GHD Sit Ups


  1. Nicole #1 says:

    Oy…185#? This should be interesting…

  2. I was just thinking yesterday that it had seemed like a while since I had done a burpee…..

  3. Wallace says:

    275? Kyle, have you been drinking?

  4. so sad… i tried to make it this morning… i REALLY did… but, alas, the bed won the battle… i want to make this up on 7/9 open gym.

  5. nice.
    quick question. can we sub a heavy push press for the burpees? just figured i ask.

  6. FYI – Jason Wallace #1, I have renamed #2 “Duece” so there will no longer be any confusion.

  7. Wallace- aka Deuce says:

    The man is hardly off injured reserve and you throw him back into the starting rotation? I was robbed! I demand a trade…

  8. Deuce…i think your skill tonight should be to pull the knife out of my back…we bear the same name…but the loyalty/family dies there…I was gone like two weeks, and you just tried to push me out!! what is going on?! (BTW – I like the new name)

  9. Wallace- aka Deuce says:

    Its not enough to have your picture on the website, you have to be #1 as well? Next thing you know i’ll be Tre or Cuatro. Where’s Tonya Harding when you need her?

  10. …and another Crossfitter gains a nickname!
    @Jackie – me too, except for the make-up 7/9

  11. Excellent wod today.

  12. I’m so bummed I missed. This is on my schedule now for 7/16… I’m going to do “Chief” 7/9 now per a recommendation from “friends” who may not be friends after 7/9…