WOD 06-30-2011

With a partner complete the following:
Run 400M
6500/6000/5500# of Thrusters
Run 800M
Both team members will us the same barbell at the same weight. One will work, the other will rest. You can’t start until both finish the run. Your team time doesn’t stop until the last team member finishes the 800. The listed weights are for all men’s teams/men’s and women’s teams and all women’s teams. You can use any weight that you and your team member choose. But remember, only one barbell at one weight per team. Enjoy.


  1. I’m confused…what’s the weight? Do we complete as many reps/weight to get us to that total weight? Or did I miss the HGH handouts while I was out? 3 ton thruster!! Barry Bonds style…

  2. This is might as well be written in Greek…….. ?!?!?!?

  3. Wallace- aka Deuce says:

    Just more proof I should be Jason #1!!!
    I demand a recount 🙂

  4. The weight used is up to you and your team member. If two men use 65# they must complete 100 reps total. That is 6500# of thrusters. You may split the work any way you like. It does not have to be evenly divided. For example if Jason #1 and I were using 65#. I would most likely do 80 thrusters and he would complete only 20. This would still give us a combined 6500# and would be acceptable.

  5. So is this 3 rounds of thrusters for a total of 18,000# of thrusters? Or are the teams picking a number out of the three? Or is it men/women/other?

  6. Or should I read the description more closely?

  7. Oh okay, that is what Billy was thinking that it meant too, I was just hoping he was wrong as I can barely raise my arms over my head right now without a barbell in my hands :):):)

  8. Brain it is Mens teams/co-ed teams/womens teams.
    Another example just to clarify. Scott and I were a team this morning. Since we were co-ed we had to do 6000#. We used 65# as our weight so we had to do 92 (total between the two of us) thrusters to get there.

  9. @Alima, Scott Mo.? If so, ya’ll did RX+, looks like it should have been 5500…
    @Kyle…Seriously??? I think with all the #’s you got confused and meant to say #2.
    @Deuce…with the 15# bar you’re looking at 433 reps.

  10. Yes Scott Morales. I’m going to assume to are making fun of Scott and calling him a girl. Otherwise, you just can’t read.
    Good one at the Deuce! 😉

  11. Yes…and either read can’t I.

  12. Brittany B says:

    Well this is certainly interesting! Y’all have fun!

  13. Brittany you know you’re jealous! I bet you don’t get to do 6000# of thrusters at your atlanta gym!

  14. If the plumbers leave in time, I’m coming at noon!

  15. Brittany B says:

    I am a little jealous! Y’all start doing team WODs regularly as soon as I leave!

  16. i’m sad to have missed… plumbers (surprisingly with no crack action – yippee!) didn’t leave in time…
    however, i’m not the best at math but, scott & alima… i think ya’ll may have miss calculated your numbers…or it’s a typo and you meant 93 reps… but scott has been known to miscount on partner wods before 😉

  17. obviously, i can’t spell either (miss calculated – miscalculate), so there is my back up to my theory on my math 😉

  18. susanna says:

    miscalculate…..misspell…. MY goodness 🙂

  19. Wallace- aka Deuce says:

    Thats right Kyle, and your comment is further proof I should be Jason #1. I would do at least 25.

  20. Wallace- aka Deuce says:

    Oh, I missed the comment, Jason #1 who should be #2, but I would at least try the 35lb bar so im down to 186 but if youll be my partner we can qualify for co-ed count(cause youre weak like that and have a “bad” knee) and I am down to 171.

  21. The # 1 Team says:

    Luckily #1’s knee held together last night and he was able to pull by fat arse across the line for a first place finish.

  22. Deuce you can’t claim #1 by missin’ workouts!!

  23. The # 1 Team says:

    Well, technically speaking, you could claim #1 and miss workouts. The key is, that when you do show up, you dominate everyone. Wass Up!

  24. Yes…this is true; however, you do not sign up (Mindbody) for classes and not show…thus I retain Jason #1.

  25. Wallace- aka Deuce says:

    I rule!