WOD 06-14-2010

AMRAP 20 min.

50 Double Unders (buy in, only do these once)

7 Hand Stand Push Ups

5 Squat Clean 125/85#

3 Push Press  125/85#

This will be scaled for new people**


  1. HSPU and heavy overhead. Yikes

  2. nice! i like this one! great programming! i love all three of these moves! too bad i won’t be there tonight…i have way too much to do that didn’t get done this weekend!

  3. hspu… sigh.

  4. Agree with Jackie/Mike. Blerg.

  5. what’s up debbie downers?

  6. it’s monday.

  7. On a positive note. I intend to cheat like crazy on the push presses.

  8. how do you cheat on a push press? i was thinking my positive note is that i managed to get both contacts in my eyes today 🙂

  9. i don’t know what mike is complaining about! this wod is designed for him! he rocks out the hspu, he can press like a million pounds…i don’t get it!

  10. Well, just so you know. I intend on bringing the pain tonight. You know. The pain in my shoulder, pain in my neck, and just so there is no confusion, I’m leaving with the pain as well.It’s mine and I’m not sharing it.

  11. what about the pain in your arse?

  12. he’s sharing the pain in his arse.