WOD 07-01-2013

For Time:
8 rounds
Run 200m
25 Squats
20 Sit Ups

Skill: 30 Back Extensions

Congratulations to Will Lankford and Andrea Walker for winning the June COM. Andrea locked it up weeks go. Will had been leading for a while. A few people put up faster times in the last week. On Saturday Will came in and completed the COM for a second time. He finished 4 seconds out of first place. He then completed the filthy fifty, rested twenty minutes and gave the COM one more try. He finished with a time of 4:19, three seconds ahead the bests time. It was a really impressive display of determination. Congratulations to both Will and Andrea for inspiring performances. I will post the the July COM next week.

Special Schedule this week: Closed Thursday, July 4th
No Morning Classes on Friday, July 5th


  1. Maegan Taylor says:

    Go Will! That’s awesome!!!

  2. Way to go Will!!

  3. Will you never cease to impress me! congrats!

  4. Congrats Will!! Awesome determination!!

  5. Well done Will

  6. Robertson Pearce says:

    I’m more and more convinced that Will is a cyborg. Or at least runs on batteries

  7. If I had followed your lead and taken off my shirt, I probably could have shaved off a few more seconds.

  8. Killin it Will! Great work bro!

  9. Nice job Will! I put you at least at a 4:10 with no shirt maybe sub 4.

  10. Jason Wallace (aka Deuce) says:

    Thats it, next time I am working out sans shirt…

  11. Will, great job! Andrea locking it down early and undefeated… AWESOME!
    Happy and safe 4th of JULY everyone. Consider a hero WOD, learn who he was and give it your all!

  12. Way to go Will! Impressive!

  13. Great job Will! I’m just doing this WOD today. My time was 26:19. Gotta love a sweat necklace!