WOD 07-02-2015

Let’s see who the cherry pickers are…

Hell WOD

80 double unders

70 squats

60 pull ups

50 wall ball 20/14#

40 step ups with kettle bell 24/20″ 53/35#

4 Burpees EMOM

30 minute cut off

Compare to 11-26-2014

Mobility:  3 drills from the running chart


  1. Rebecca says:

    If we didn’t do it on 11/26 do you know when the last time was that we did this?

  2. after much searching I think it’s 12/31/2013

  3. Rebecca,

    We did last june I think, no description just surpise WOD.

  4. I picked a great day to be at the beach drinking beer.

  5. Grayson Khalipa says:

    I bet even my older brother Jason would decline to participate