WOD 07-06-2011

For Time:
Run 800M
Power Cleans 115/80#
Double Unders (sub tuck jumps)
Followed by
Run 400M
Skill: Ring Dips 30


  1. back to back running days…hopefully today’s run will not include dodging lightning! and i’m not talking about the visitor who showed up and blew us all away…

  2. Not all…

  3. Yeah that guy killed us. I mean, I’m used to being made to look bad by our regulars. But not THAT bad.

  4. Nicole #1 says:


  5. What Nicole said……. visitor?? Glad I was at the 5:15 class 🙂

  6. some guy dropped in for the 6:15 class, and smoked us. he had a 10 and change for the wod.

  7. Nicole #1 says:

    I guess what I’ve always said holds true for guys like that…breathing is overrated.

  8. stuck at work…guess I’ll make this up later…

  9. i just have to say, i hearted this wod! looking forward to getting back into a routine 🙂