WOD 07-11-2011

4 Rounds for time of:

7 Power Snatch 115/80#

15 Double Push Up Burpees

Skill: 30 pistols on each leg



  1. Double push up burpees just sound like double the terrific fun. I’m doubly excited about these.

  2. Nicole #1 says:

    Maybe I’m crazy, but this sounds fun! Donna, this is a great welcome back for you! :o)

  3. Jason #2 says:

    Lets be real, there is nothing “fun” about a burpee and a double push up burpee is just plain silly. I demand a recount.

  4. Fortunately, I ‘eased’ back into things on Saturday.

  5. Well…i was planning on coming this afternoon…just had a meeting scheduled for 4 to 6…awesome!

  6. this whole work thing is getting in the way of my crossfit

  7. Jason #2 says:

    Again, I should be Jason #1!

  8. Did you mean…you wish you were me? that’s a little weird dude…

  9. Jason #2 says:

    Well you are quite… wait a minute, you know what I mean.

  10. I’m beginning to think there’s really only one Jason and the other was created as an alter ego for use on this board only.