WOD 07-12-2011

1 Thruster and 1 SDHP the first minute.  2 the second minute and 3 the third minute.  This patern will be continued until you are unable to complete the required amount of work in the specified minute. 


If you are up to it, Shoulder Press 6-6-6-6 @ 80% 1 RM


  1. Weight?

  2. Nicole #1 says:

    Apparently I forgot to actually turn my alarm clock on this morning and missed out. Sorry! This looks like a great ladder too…crap…

  3. weight is 95#/65#… it was tough, but good! a nice start to the day 🙂

  4. can’t wait…what was a good number?

  5. i got 7 rds. stephen got 8 rds – VERY close to 9! right about round 6 was where it kicked in for me.

  6. No A/C at the gym currently. We are scheduled for repairs, but it might not be ready today. Bring a water jug and a good attitude today.

  7. Did we have A/C yesterday at the gym? I’ll be there regardless.

  8. A/C who needs A/C…who do you think we are irontribe??!? i’ll probably collapse from heat exhaustion this afternoon now.

  9. Brain, yes we had ac. How else would you explain your super fast time?

  10. Not to bad, the heat index is only 103 today. Makes for a good variant.

  11. The AC Hog says:

    WTF!!! I’ll bring a good attitude, but WTF!!!

  12. Jason #2 says:

    Use of the word irontribe in a post??? Again, I should be #1. Plus I am loaning Kyle a saw.

  13. A jug of water and a good attitude…… That is Billy’s favorite Kyle quote 🙂

  14. Scott M. says:

    Heads up – the shirt will be coming off today, watch out!

  15. Good news A/C is operational. Don’t worry Scott you can still take the short off.

  16. Not D'Andre says:

    Kyle I hope you meant shirt and not short…What kind of gym is this?

  17. Totally meant shirt. If the shorts come off we will have a problem.

  18. Britt B says:

    Hahaha this cracks me up!

  19. Jason #2 (aka Black Lavendar) says:

    I did mention my stint as a stripper, guess its got Kyle all bothered? Black Lavendar was my dance name!