WOD 07-13-2010

4 rounds:
20 wall ball. 20/14#
400 m run with ball
20 med ball cleans 20/14#

5 burpees every time you drop the med ball.


  1. Nope.

  2. Yep.

  3. haha! i think the a.m. peeps thought it was going to be worse than it was. they did awesome and didn’t drop the ball once! go a.m. crew!!!! (this wod will show you who REALLY hates burpees and who doesn’t!)

  4. also, good job kyle on last night’s wod! i heard you were on pace for sub 12 until round 7 or 8. wish i could’ve been there to witness. i’m sure it was impressive!!

  5. yeah, i think we were all dreading it, but it wasn’t so bad. maybe it was the bobby brown and the jacksons that made it better! 😉

  6. i can’t think of anything else that inspires hard work like michael jackson at 5:45 a.m.!

  7. Seems like a med ball row might be kinda tricky…

  8. Donna- you don’t necessarily have to run. Maybe think about scaling to a 200m walk instead of run…of course only if Kyle agrees. He should have the final say since he’s the coach. But I know the a.m. folks didn’t realize how taxing this wod would be on the lower back!

  9. So Cori – What you’re saying is the morning people kept on with the force and didn’t stop til they got enough???

  10. that’s EXACTLY what she’s saying, dave. we were in control and busted a move!

  11. Can we clarify “dropping the med ball”? Is that for the enitre wod or just on the cleans? Can you break up the wall balls and let the ball hit the ground without the burpee penalty?

  12. this morning, the ball was only allowed to touch the ground while doing the med ball cleans. if we missed a catch on wall balls, then 5 burpees. if we set the ball down/dropped it at any time, 5 burpees… all but one of us today feared the burpees, so we clung to the med ball for dear life.

  13. And if you stop to drink water, no dropping the med ball. Luckily the morning coach was nice enough to open my twist off water bottle for me….thanks cori!
    It was brutal for me. I perfected the med ball walk 🙂

  14. sam, alison and i are in the beginning stages of developing a “med ball papoose”.

  15. my thoughts exactly! I have been racking my brain all morning trying to figure out if I have a backpack big enough to fit a med ball into…… or maybe something like the baby sling?

  16. fyi, sweatty balls are a hazard with this wod. a towel is recommended. (sorry…had to say it.)

  17. i was thinking a cargo net with clamps that can help it adjust to different waist sizes. you put your arms thru one of the net openings on each side, then use the clamp to attach it around your waist… should be cone-like so you can slip the ball down the front of the net. simple! haha!

  18. re: cori’s comment – agreed. however, just because your ball is sweaty, does not mean you can change it out for a dry one. deal with it.

  19. Jackie, is that passive agressive hostility. If so, I am proud of you. I know of only one thing that might bring about such a comment.

  20. ah…sweatty, sweatty balls. snatches tomorrow anyone?

  21. i don’t think it was passive…i was pretty direct with that comment this morning… and loud. :\
    if we do snatches tomorrow, i’m skipping out.

  22. can i put gold bond on your medicine balls

  23. Good WOD. Really enjoyed it.

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