WOD 07-14-2010

Squat Clean 1-1-1-1-1

You will have 20 minutes to complete your attempts.


  1. I think we’re all still trying to recover from the Gold Bond medicine balls image.

  2. or recover from sweatty (med) balls in general….

  3. i’m just glad tonight is my “off” day… there is a muscle i can move without wincing…and i have to play softball tonight… what was i thinking?!

    “there ISN’T a muscle i can move without wincing…”

  5. yeah…i’m having difficulty lifting my arms, and i did not do yesterday’s wod. it’s very painful. i had to bring my head to my hands to wash my hair this morning instead of my hands to my head.

  6. My legs are SO SORE. No way I could do squat cleans tonight. BIOW saves me again!

  7. I’m glad I missed the carnage! No, that’s not true; I secretly love commiserating over sore muscle and torn callus horror stories… is anybody joining me tonight??

  8. I’m gonna give it a try Sri…..

  9. i’m with you on the sore muscles, sri…not so much the tears… the soreness lets me know i worked hard!

  10. i feel pretty good today. I’ve figured it out. Slow down! take some time to enjoy the workout. dont just blow through it without stoping to think about what your doing. you’ll get much more satisfaction out of things if you’ll slow down and enjoy it more.

  11. Smell those roses chuck.

  12. i don’t think that’s roses he’s sniffing, mike.

  13. I think Chuck needs to try some yoga.

  14. i know i need some yoga! we received massages at work today… i need to hire me a masseuse to live at my home – ahhh.