WOD 07-17-2010

Run 800 m
Run 400 m backwards
Run 800 m
Run 400 m backwards

Followed by watching the games.


  1. Initial perception of the fist individual games event. Too few females completed it. I know they get credit for work done but overall bad programming.
    Also, Crossfit isn’t that great of a spectator sport, that’s why highlight vids are so great. hearing everyone trying to fill the voids with something meaningful got a bit old.

  2. cori - can't make it past 9 p.m. to watch the Games - johnson says:

    they started that first wod off with a bang, huh!? freaking 21 muscle ups and heavy squat snatches right out of the gate knocked the least fit out of the competition from the start. those two moves are such skill moves that if you aren’t proficient at them, then you will do poorly. i actually think it was pretty brilliant programming myself. it’s supposed to be the fittest of the fit, right?
    although i disagree on the programming phil, i do agree with you on watching online (and i must admit that i did not watch last night, i was asleep by 8:30)…even though i didn’t watch last night, when i was watching some of the regional events online a couple of months ago, it was a little slow and boring. and these “commentators” are just experienced crossfitters, not professionals from espn that is for sure! it can’t possibly compare with being on the front line up close and personal.
    it’s so cool to hear names that i can say “i competed against them!” (even if i was over 35 places behind in the comp! ha!) and to hear how well rich froning did. that boy might go all the way, and watching him in the sectionals, then the regionals…kind of makes me proud…like a proud mama. he has a long cf career ahead of him!
    i’m excited to see what else they have in the hopper. it should be AWESOME!!!

  3. Ran it 11:01 this morning. First 800 was a little too fast at 2:47.