WOD 07-21-2010

Four Rounds for Time:
Run 400m
15 ground to overhead 95/65#

Don’t forget, CFR Birthday Bash July 30th.
Nutrition seminar and challenge July 31st.


  1. i’ll be there tonight! btw, question re: birthday bash – i have a couple of people interested… are we limited to one? if so, does anyone need a guest ‘cuz i might have multiple extras. i just mentioned it to a group i run with… ALSO, what will the format be for that? will they be participating or just watching?

  2. I may need an extra friend…

  3. if i bring 2 or 3 of my multiple personalities, will that count?

  4. I need an extra friend too! All of my friends are CFR members….I’m pretty sheltered. :\
    Also, can I row tonight instead of run? It’s too hot for this pregnant lady to run. I’m thinking Donna might be rowing too? Please advise if we might be able to arrange this. If not, I’ll hit the Y and do this wod. No biggie.

  5. Kyle Deneke says:

    You can bring as many gusets as you can find. I am still undecided on format. I am leaning towards guests as spectators. More details will be disclosed today and posted on the site tomorrow. I am still working out the details. .

  6. I’ll be running, Cori, so no conflict there.

  7. The Brain says:

    My friends are lazy, so I’ll take some extras!

  8. OKAY… i just had an idea – ya’ll can buy my friends from me 🙂 hehe… just kidding! i’ll line up as many as i can and will update with a headcount… so far, i have two.

  9. Dibs on Jackie’s friends. Schooled ya on that one, Brain. :o)

  10. What time will the nutrition seminar start on that Saturday? and does anyone have a suggestion on a quick remedy to knock out the onset of a head cold?

  11. Dave – thanks for the blueberries! They are so good! I made a blueberry pie last night…delicious!
    I think the fact that I used local, fresh blueberries filled with antioxidents offsets the butter, sugar and flour, right?
    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

  12. Jackie – don’t be so quick to give away your friends. You never know what contests Kyle has up his sleeve and you may need them 🙂
    Get your own friends people! 🙂

  13. alima – for sure the local blues offset the butter, sugar and flour!
    and i call dibbs on jackie’s friends too! (gotcha brain!)

  14. hmm… intriguing, alima… maybe i’ll stack my “keeps” and loan out “others”… hmm.

  15. Trying my best to find some interested friends at work… but nurses are the unhealthiest people EVAR. And spending a Friday evening at a gym isn’t the most exciting drawing card for unhealthy people.

  16. Sri, that unhealthy nurse thing has always confused me. Ugh. Journalists are almost as bad. I’ll try to mine bodies from my Spinning class, but I’m not feeling optimistic.

  17. Docs aren’t a whole lot better, but at least most of us don’t smoke. Also, scrub tops hide large bellies quite effectively, so maybe it’s a chicken-or-the-egg thing.

  18. i don’t have any friends at work *snickering*

  19. just hit up fb – if i have more responses, they will go to the highest bidder!

  20. ALSO – sorry, i’m hogging the message board right now… saw this… lost my lunch… thought i’d share 🙂

  21. Man, that was so much cooler when i thought it was ice cream.

  22. mmmmmm, soft serve chicken.

  23. Jackie, I just borrowed your Facebook post. Maybe I have some healthy cyberfriends who want to do CrossFit…

  24. hey, mo’s has free queso today! wait…nevermind….that’s not paleo.
    and, jackie…that’s disgusting!!! ugh. wish i wouldn’t have seen that.

  25. Jackie I saw that on fb last night too! I thought Cori might enjoy it! 🙂

  26. ugh….making me realize why pregnant women are NOT supposed to eat hotdogs….

  27. Nichele says:

    Yep, Jackie. I’m composing a message right now. Kyle, I need more info. Time? Food? Drinks? Games? Discounts? What’s our motivation?
    Sri, yeah, Docs I know don’t know much or care much about fitness. Or nutrition. I have a friend who’s an internist in Georgia. We went to high school together. He’s tall and beefy. He looks like he works out but doesn’t. Talking to him about meds and the state of medicine is very disheartening. He uses the phrase “luck of the draw” way too much for my taste, and he’s actually an attentive and caring doc.
    I’m all for the American College of Sports Medicine’s new campaign: “Exercise is Medicine”. Unfortunately, it hasn’t caught on.

  28. haha! yep, alima… cori, how are three hotdogs sounding now??? 😉

  29. My squatters are sore.

  30. @Donna – same here! Also, I just failed to take my laundry basket from ground to overhead, so 95 lb ain’t looking so hot… sounds like a B.I.O.W. kind of day…